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Hubby Licks It Up (2013): White Spume Flew Its Ghost Against the Glass

A. Cuckold, Hubby Licks It Up (No publisher listed, 2013)

Points off: incomplete information on Amazon page.


Title on solid colored background. Most boring book cover in ages.

“I paid your design firm a hundred grand and they came up with THIS?”
photo credit: me

Well will you look at that—a piece of quickie Kindle porn, written by someone with the ridiculous pseudonym of A. Cuckold no less, that’s actually well-written enough to make me wonder if the guy actually knows his pseudonym is patterned after the protagonist of Edwin Abbott’s Flatland. Hell, you could even argue that Brandon, the protagonist of Hubby Licks It Up, is, in fact, A. Square, at least in the sixties slang use of the word. Brandon is, the description tells us, rather wealthy—enough so to have landed Steffi, a former model, for a wife—but doesn’t have much going on in most other departments. (A milquetoast, in other words.) Steffi is decidedly unsatisfied with the marriage bed, accidentally discovers that the reason is her square may in fact be gay, and decides to put that hypothesis to the test. I’m pretty sure the title means it’s not much of a spoiler to say they both end up having a great deal of fun. This is obviously vertical-market Kindle porn, and I’m pretty sure you should be able to tell from the title whether it’s your thing or not (if you can’t puzzle out the story’s kink from the book’s title, it’s not your thing—trust me on this). If it is, with all the caveats that come with cheap, short Kindle porn as regards non-existent character development, scene-setting, blah blah blah, it’s well-written enough that if “A. Cuckold” were to ever to turn this into a novel-length offering that incorporated all that good stuff, I would not hesitate one second in giving it a chance. ***


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