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Casino Boogie   Aaron Jason
Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions Abbott Edwin A
Metatheatre   Abel Lionel
Things Fall Apart   Achebe Chinua
Poems   Adams Robert Simeon
Baby, Come Away   Adler Victoria
All of Baby Nose to Toes   Adler Victoria
Selected Poems   Akhmatova Anna
Feed Me Your Virgins   Alcala German
Blood and Roses   Alexander A K
With Sunshine, Comes Rain   Alexander B
Stupids Die, The   Allard Harry
Violation of Trust Whatever Happened to the Social Security Trust Funds? Allen Steven J
Biggest Game in Town, The   Alvarez A
Appalachian Trail Conference Backcountry Sanitation Manual, The   Andrews Dick
Afternoon of the Sorceress   Animals Domestic
At the Zoo   Anonymous
Eyes, Nose, Fingers, Toes   Anonymous
ABC, The, with the Church of England Catechism   Anonymous
Colors!   Anonymous
Cultus Arborum A Descriptive Account of Phallic Tree Worship Anonymous
Stomp ‘n Splash   Anonymous
Zoom!   Anonymous
Snakes   Anonymous
Wild Animals   Anonymous
Careers in Medical Transcription   Anonymous
Riesling Rules   Anonymous
Trainee   Anonymous
Warm Kotatsu   Anonymous
Nighty-Night   Anonymous
Timmy Can Dance!   Anonymous
Thomas’ ABC Book   Anonymous
It’s Potty Time (for Boys)   Anonymous
Bedtime for Kittens   Anonymous
Thomas on the Moon   Anonymous
If I Were…   Antolini Leo
Fullmetal Alchemist, vol. 25   Arakawa Hiromu
Fullmetal Alchemist, vol. 26   Arakawa Hiromu
Fullmetal Alchemist, vol. 27   Arakawa Hiromu
Before Night Falls   Arenas Reinaldo
Dying   Arnzen Michael A
Bert and Erinie’s First Book of Opposites   Au Heather
Murray’s First Book of Words   Au Heather
Cow Can’t Sleep   Baker Ken
Old McDonald Had a Dragon   Baker Ken
Brave Little Monster   Baker Ken
Mezzanine, The   Baker Nicholson
Finding Signs   Baker Sharlene
Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, The   Bank Melissa
Lucid Stars   Barrett Andrea
Tracer   Barthelme Frederick
ABC3D   Bataille Marion
Work in Progress   Baxter Ron
Bow Wow! Meow! A First Book of Sounds Bellah Melanie
Stannard Rock   Bellinger Daniel
Invisible Sign of My Own, An   Bender Aimee
Beyond Sugar Shock The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction and Get Slimmer, Sexier, and Sweeter Bennett Connie
Where’s the Golden Egg?   Bentley Dawn
O Holy Insurgency   Biddinger Mary
Rouman   Billings Hildred
Nutley Papers, The Unbeliebavle Correspondence from the Titans of Music Billings James
Suckers   Billson Anne
Kind   Black Holly
Plenty of Penguins   Black Sonia W
Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, The   Böll Heinrich
Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy! A Touch, Skritch, and Tickle Book Boynton Sandra
Tickle Time!   Boynton Sandra
Hey! Wake Up!   Boynton Sandra
Hippos Go Berserk!   Boynton Sandra
Let’s Dance, Little Pookie   Boynton Sandra
Little Pookie   Boynton Sandra
Snuggle Puppy!   Boynton Sandra
Are You a Cow?   Boynton Sandra
Happy Birthday, Little Pookie   Boynton Sandra
What’s Wrong, Little Pookie?   Boynton Sandra
Night-Night, Little Pookie   Boynton Sandra
Perfect Piggies!   Boynton Sandra
Snoozers   Boynton Sandra
From the Boardroom to the Bathroom Ramblings on Life by a Typical 24-Year-Old Male Brenner Jason
Baby Sign Language Basics   Briant Monta Z
Send the Kids to the Sitter   Brockton Nancy
Home for a Bunny   Brown Margaret Wise
Cute and Funny Cat Pictures   Bryant Grace
I’m a Stranger Here Myself Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Bryson Bill
Sonnets of Michael Angelo, The   Buonarroti Michael Angelo John Addington Symonds (trans.)
Last Dinosaurs, The   Calvani Mayra
Wolfsnail A Backyard Predator Campbell Sarah C
Sloughing Off the Rot   Carbuncle Lance
Speaker for the Dead   Card Orson Scott
Tolkien A Look Behind the Lord of the Rings Carter Lin
Hope and WIll Have a Baby The Gift of Sperm Donation Celcer Irene
Tasting Nancy   Cerveny Daniella
King in Yellow, The   Chambers Robert W
Hot Wives, vol. 1   Chandra Chelsea
Girl with a Pearl Earring   Chevalier Tracy
Narrator, The   Cisco Michael
xxxHolic vol. 9   CLAMP
Disgrace   Coetzee J M
bEAR   Cohen Alicia
Taking the Team   Cole Layla
Hunger Games, The   Collins Suzanne
Heresy and Hearsay   Cook Garrett C
Amnesia   Cooper Douglas Anthony
Fade   Cormier Robert
Glance Over at These Creatures   Cornell T H
Maisy Takes a Bath   Cousins Lucy
Odds on Your Side, The   Cramer Mark
Cthulhurotica   Cuinn Carrie
Ajax and PHP Building Responsive Web Applications Darie Cristian
Journey Begins, The   David Peter
Little Sisters of Eluria, The   David Peter
In a New York Minute   Davies Greg P
ABC Party Animals   Davis Ana
Rough Men   Davis Aric
Black Venus, The   Davis Rhys
Abbrev   Dean Larry O
Who’s in the Jungle?   DePrisco Dorothea
Natsuki’s First Time   Deveraux Holly
Follow the Bunny   Dillard Sarah
Mila 2.0   Driza Debra
Swing! Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers du Pré Jolie
Shadow Prince   Dunne Jennifer
Holiday of the Dead   Dunwoody David
Let’s Go, Thomas!   Durk Jim   and Gary McNamara
Shamanism Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy Eliade Mircea
Crossed, vol. 1   Ennis Garth
Adventures in Dragonland   Esche Sylke
Orb Sceptre Throne   Esslemont Ian C
Tomatoland How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit Estabrook Barry
Needles and Sins   Everson John
Bent Under Night   Files Gemma
Dust Radio   Files Gemma
Every Angel   Files Gemma
Imaginary Beauties   Files Gemma
Words Written Backwards   Files Gemma
Demon Days   Finney Richard   and D. L. Snell
No More Pacifier for Piggy!   Ford Bernette
Guide to Middle Earth, A   Foster Robert
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes   Fox Mem
Possession   Fremlin Celia
Oh Dear Silvia   French Dawn
Tote Board Is Alive and Well, The   Gaines Milt
Shit of God, The   Galas Diamanda
Wagering Widow, The   Gaston Diane
Poems for Babies   Gibbs Lynne
Ushers of Darkness   Gifune Greg F
Blood in Electric Blue   Gifune Greg F
Night of the Vampire   Giles Raymond
Giroutei wo Kan   Giroutei
Unit 731 Testimony   Gold Hal
Jherik’s Tale   Gold Kyell
Everyone Poops   Gomi Taro
Hermit Crab, The   Goodrich Carter
Animal Edition   Gordon Scott
Ubuntu Made Easy A Project-Based Introduction to Linux Grant Rickford   and Phil Bull
Dog Years   Grass Gunter
Flounder, The   Grass Günter
Wolf Won’t Bite!   Gravett Emily
Girls in Bright Dresses Dancing, The   Grubbs Gerry
Forgive My Trespassing   Gustavson Cynthia Blomquist
Keeneland   Hagy Alyson
Polly’s Pet   Hammond Lucille
Reunion at Red Paint Bay   Harrar George
This Little Piggy   Harrington Tim
Pity the Bathtub in Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form   Harvey Matthea
Hayate the Combat Butler, vol. 3   Hata Kenjiro
If You Have a Hat   Hawksley Gerald
Winner Take Nothing   Hemingway Ernest
History of Grand-Pre   Herbin John Frederic
Bug Boy, The   Hino Hideshi
Red Snake, The   Hino Hideshi
DoG   Hlinak Matt
Blood of Dragons   Hobb Robin
Best Mate The Illustrated Story of the Nation’s Favourite Horse Holland Anne
Brave New Pond   Holm Jennifer L
End of Alice, The   Homes A M
River of Heaven, The   Hongo Garrett
Divine Illusions   Hotta Yumi
Sayonara   Hotta Yumi
Start   Hotta Yumi
Chinese Go Association, The   Hotta Yumi
Insei Exam, The   Hotta Yumi
Young Lions Tournament, the   Hotta Yumi
Horses Trotting! Prancing! Racing! Hubbell Patricia
100 Demented, Stupid, and Weird Haikus that Make No Sense   Hunt C V
Demon Sacred, vol. 1   Itsuki Natsumi
Demon Sacred, vol. 2   Itsuki Natsumi
Demon Sacred, vol. 3   Itsuki Natusmi
Busy Timmy   Jackson Kathryn   and Byron Jackson
Perspectives   James Bryan
Aspern Papaers, The   James Henry
Uninvited, The   Jensen Liz
My Favorite Band Does Not Exist   Jeschonek Robert T
Living Paleo for Dummies   Joulwan Melissa   and Kellyann Petrucci
Care Bears Book of Colors, The   Kahn Peggy
What Pete Ate from A to Z   Kalman Maira
Sexretary, The   Kane Lacey
Five Story House, The   Kass Pnina Moed
Daddy Hugs 1-2-3   Katz Karen
Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?   Katz Karen
Pomegranates and Pine Nuts   Kehdy Bethany
School. The   Kelleher Ed   and Harriette Vidal
Build Your Own CNC Machine   Kelly James Floyd and Patrick Hood-Daniel
Lord of Souls   Keyes Greg
Man in a Boat in the Summer, A   Kidd Stacy
Mile 81   King Stephen
Drawing of the Three, The   King Stephen
Waste Lands, The   King Stephen
Riding the Bullet   King Stephen
Bus Stop, Bus Go!   Kirk Daniel
I Want My Hat Back   Klassen Jon
Zoophabet 123   Knight Kathyn   and Cathy Heck (illus.)
Selected Love Poems   Knott Bill
Marion County   Koblentz Stuart J
King Scratch   Krall Jordan
Satantango   Krasznahorkai Laszlo
I Can Fly   Krauss Ruth
Curious George Cleans Up   Krensky Stephen
Pierce Me Standing in the Firegarden   Kubo Tite
Walk Like a Zombie   Kubo Tite
Adventures of a South Pole Pig, The   Kurtz Chris
Finding My Elegy New and Selected Poems Le Guin Ursula K
Parachute   Lees Richard
Bizenghast, vol. 2   LeGrow M Alice
Bizenghast, vol. 3   LeGrow M Alice
Bizenghast, vol. 4   LeGrow M Alice
Darkness, Take My Hand   Lehane Dennis
Fifth Child, The   Lessing Doris
Sweat en Tears   Lieuwen John
Women Early Plymouth   Lifshin Lyn
Shaker House Poems   Lifshin Lyn
Bad Girls Need Love Too Pleasure Yourself with Pulp Fiction Lovisi Gary
Daughter of Darkness   Lowell J R
Caw-Caw Ballads   MacDonald Wilson
These Islands, We Sing An Anthology of Scottish Islands Poetry MacNeil Kevin
Peek-a-Boo, I Love You!   Magsamen Sandra
Other Woman, The   Mamou Judy
Garden Episodes in Verse   Manak Roberta
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom   Martin Bill   and John Archambault
Medical Transcription for Dummies   Martinez Anne
My Husband’s Cuckold Fantasy   Martinez Rosa
Alex and the Tentacle Monster   Matthew K
Octopus Soup   Mayer Mercer
Astronaut Critter   Mayer Mercer
Black Cathedral   Maynard L H and M. P. N. Sims
Child of God   McCarthy Cormac
Mule   McCrae Shane
Pushing the Limits   McGarry Katie
Ho, Ho, Ho, Tucker!   McGuirk Leslie
Bobby Bee   McMillan Sue
Truck Book, The   McNaught Harry
Lesbian Scandal and the Culture of Modernism   Medd Jodie
Seven Footprints to Satan   Merritt A
Reiko the Zombie Shop, vol. 6   Mikamoto Rei
Time to Get Up, Time to Go   Milgrim David
Another Day in the Milky Way   Milgrim David
Cows Can’t Fly   Milgrim David
On Liberty   Mill John Stuart
White Cliffs, The   Miller Alice Duer
Bubble Gum Thief, The   Miller Jeff
Eddie Meets the Zebras   Mogensen Pam
Sonya Lee Helps the Leopard   Mogensen Pam
Real Life, The   Mohr Tara
Jefferson and the Gun-Men How the West Was Almost Lost Montgomery M R
Making Shapes A Very First Math Book Moon Jo
Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book 2   Moore Terry
Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book 3   Moore Terry
Emma, vol. 7   Mori Kaoru
Emma, vol. 10   Mori Kaoru
Emma, vol. 8   Mori Kaoru
Emma, vol. 9   Mori Kaoru
Curious George Takes a Trip   Moscovich Rotem
Uncle Terry A Story of the Maine Coast Munn Charles Clark
Hippo Goes Bananas!   Murray Marjorie Dennis
My Garden   Navarro J T
Betrayal at Stonehenge 1000BC   Nesper James
Grain of Wheat, A   Ngugi James
I Need My Monster   Noll Amanda
Boring Palace, The   Noya-Garcia Marina
Back Roads   O’Dell Tawni
Teacher’s Pet   O’Reilly Wynter
Triumph of the Spider Monkey, The   Oates Joyce Carol
Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book, The   Oehler Mike
Twelve Husbands of Citizen Jane, The   Olszewska Daniela
Battleship A Daring Heiress, a Teenage Jockey, and America’s Horse Ours Dorothy
Immortal Rain, vol. 8   Ozaki Kaori
No-Cry Sleep Solution, The Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night Pantley Elizabeth
Family Book, The   Parr Todd
Sleepy Kittens   Paul Cinco   and Ken Daurio
We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt   Pearson Susan
Diseasing of America, The How We Allowed Recovery Zealots and the Treatment Industry to COnvince Us We Are Out of Control Peele Stanton
Forme of Cury, The A Roll of Ancient English Cookery Pegge Samuel
Club Dumas, The   Perez-Reverte Arturo
Ritual   Pinner David
Trucks   Priddy Roger
Clementine   Priest Cherie
Overwhelming Urge, The   Prunty Andersen
To Survive the Beginning   Ranalli Gina
Tolkein Relation, The   Ready William
Jungle Animals   Reasoner Charles
Trains!   Reasoner Charles
Danzig Trilogy of Günter Grass, The   Reddick John
Brew-ku Where Coffee Intersects with Life Reddy Tarun
Big Book of Trucks   Relf Patricia
Curious George’s ABCs   Rey H A
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night The Best of the Bulwer-Lytton Contest Rice Scott
Repetitoins, Testimonies, Parentheses   Ritsos Yannis
Exile and Return Poems 1967-1974 Ritsos Yannis
Duckling, A   Rizzatti Lorella
No Panties Fridays vol. 1 Riley’s Secret Robertson Sean H
Traditional British Pudding Recipes   Romsey Jane
MachoPoni A Prance with Death Rose Lotus
Little Pumpkin Book, The   Ross Katharine
Access the Poem Pedlar   Roxburgh Eve
Vampires in the Lemon Grove   Russell Karen
Dead-Tossed Waves, The   Ryan Carrie
Emotional Traffic   Sadoff Ira
Broken Angel   Samarasinghe Sara
October Sheaf   Saul George Brandon
Mathematician’s Delight   Sawyer W W
Coaching Missy   Saxx Ellie
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die   Schneider Steven Jay
Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe Book, The   Scott Susan
Waddle!   Seder Rufus Butler
David Smells!   Shannon David
Oops!   Shannon David
It’s Christmas, David!   Shannon David
No, David!   Shannon David
It’s Time to Give Up Your Pacifier   Shapiro Lawrence E
Just Remember to Breathe   Sheehan-Miles Charles
In Grandma’s Arms   Shelton Jayne C
No Biting, Horrible Crocodile!   Shipton Jonathan
Book of Skulls, The   Silverberg Robert
Flu   Simmons Wayne
Doll Parts   Simmons Wayne
Fever   Simmons Wayne
Sex with My Best Friend’s Father   Simpson Alice
What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day   Simpson Martha
Whatever Stars   Sloan Jocelyn Mary
I Came Home from Work Early and Walked in on My Wife Sucking a Massive Black Cock   Smith Jess
Little Seal   Smith Lauren Michelle
Brief Inheritance   Smythe Daniel
It Isn’t a Sin for Christians to Enjoy Erotica and Nudity in Films   Solomon John
Lordotics   Sotos Peter
Lazy   Sotos Peter
Tick   Sotos Peter
This Little Light of Mine   Southard Nate
Beginning of the Scourge, The, Part 3   Souza Emerson
Fat Girl Dances with Rocks   Stinson Susan
Caleb   Summers Jack
Well Enough   Sumrall Daniel
Another Story   Swann Brian
New Direction, A My Plan for a Better Pennsylvania Swann Lynn
Elmo’s Birthday Party   Swanson Maggie
In the Land of the Blind   Swartwood Robert
Girl Who Tried to Catch the Man, The   Thomas R J
Chalk   Thomson Bill
American Rooms in Miniature   Thorne Mrs. James Ward
Shaft   Tidyman Ernest
On the Night You Were Born   Tillman Nancy
Lawnmageddon   Tobin Paul
Bloody Past, A   Togashi Yoshihiro
And Then…   Togashi Yoshihiro
Open Your Eyes!!   Togashi Yoshihiro
Black Babe Naked for You   Toivenon Erina
Fellowship of the Ring, The   Tolkien J R.R
Two Towers, The   Tolkien J R.R
Return of the King, The   Tolkien J R.R
511 Kinderheim   Urasawa Naoki
Ayse’s Friend   Urasawa Naoki
Term Limits   Vaughan Brian K
Aamoo the Aam   Verma Riya
Nothing to Lose   Vernon Steve
Breaker, The   Walters Minette
Sculptress, The   Walters Minette
Scold’s Bridle, The   Walters Minette
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce   Warren Robert Penn
McDuff Comes Home   Wells Rosemary
McDuff and the Baby   Wells Rosemary
McDuff Moves In   Wells Rosemary
Lady with the Alligator Purse, The   Westcott Nadine Bernard
Snow-Bound or, A Winter Idyl Whittier John Greenleaf
Kiss Kiss!   Wild Margaret
So Big   Wilkin Esther
Hidden Miracles Vegetarianism and Alternative Medicine Wilkinson Jamie
Sleepyhead   Wilson Karma   and John Segal
Waking Beauty   Witcover Paul
Happy Man and His Dump Truck, The   Yardumian Miryam
Thomas the Tank Engine’s Hidden Surprises   Yee Josie
Flight of the Vajra   Yegulalp Serdar
Where’s Ellie?   Yoon Salina
Mama Fish   Youers Rio
Taking My Daughter’s Virginity   Young Autumn
Library Wars: Love and War, vol. 1   Yumi Kiiro
Curves on the Topless Beach   Zara Cassandra

Last updated 31Jan2014

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