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Movies by (English) Title

Title English Title Director Review URL
  11/11/11 Allan, Keith
  ‘night, Mother Moore, Tom
  (Untitled) Parker, Jonathan
  [REC]3: Génesis Plaza, Paco
  2001 Maniacs Sullivan, Tim
  3 A.M. Graver, Gary
  3 Strikes Pooh, DJ
  30 Days of Night: Dark Days Ketai, Ben
  50 Million Frenchmen Bacon, Lloyd
  6 Souls Marlind, Mans, and Bjorn Stein
  666 Revealed Gibson, Garry, and Michael Gibson
  8MM Schumacher, Joel
  9 Lives of a Wet Pussy Ferrara, Abel
  Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies Schenkman, Richard
Akiresu to Kame Achilles and the Tortoise Kitano, Takeshi
  Adjust Your Tracking Kinem, Dan M., and Levi Peretic
  Adventures of Tintin, The Spielberg, Steven
  African Queen, The Huston, John
  After the Storm Ferland, Guy
  Age of Stupid, The Armstrong, Franny
  Airborne Burns, Dominic
  Alice in Murderland Devine, Dennis
  American Pie Weitz, Paul
  American Pimp Hughes, Albert, and Allen Hughes
  American Psycho Herron, Mary
  Anatema Sopi, Agim
  Anthropophagous 2000 Schnaas, Andreas
  Antonio Gaudí Teshigahara, Hiroshi
  Any Given Sunday Stone, Oliver
  Apollo 18 López-Gallego, Gonzalo
  Appointment, The Vickers, Lindsey C.
  Arang Ahn, Sang-hoon
L’armée des Ombres Army of Shadows Jean-Pierre Melville
Long Khong Art of the Devil II Buranajan, Pasith, et al.
  Asia Noir 6: Evil Sex Trap Clark, David Aaron
  Asphyx, The Newbrook, Peter
  Astro Boy Bowers, David
  ATM Brooks, David
  Atrocious Luna, Fernando Barreda
  b.Monkey Radford, Michael
  Baby Rosemary Hayes, John
  Baby Shower Illanes, Pablo
  Baby, The Post, Ted
Habatación del Niño, La Baby’s Room, The de la Iglesia, Alex
  Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Herzog, Werner
Flandersui Gae Barking Dogs Never Bite Bong, Joon-ho
  Basketball Diaries, The Kalvert, Scott
  Bay, The Levinson, Barry
  Bedazzled Donen, Stanley
Kim Bok-nam Salinsageonui Jeonmal Bedevilled Jang, Chul-soo
  Before Night Falls Schnabel, Julian
  Being Elmo Marks, Constance
  Below Zero Ostensen, Justin Thomas
  Berberian Sound Studio Strickland, Peter
  Bereavement Mena, Stevan
Be-seu-teu-sel-leo Bestseller Lee, Jeong-ho
  Beyond the Black Rainbow Cosmatos, Panos
Uccello Dalle Piume di Cristalio, La Bird with the Crystal Plumage, The Argento, Dario
  Black Death Smith, Christopher
Geomeun Jip Black House Shin, Terra
  Black Moon Neill, Roy William
Kuronezumi Black Rat Fukasaku, Kenta
  Black Snake Moan Brewer, Craig
  Blithe Spirit Lean, David
  Blood and Lace Gilbert, Philip S.
  Blood Oranges, The Haas, Philip
  Bloodlust Zombles Lantz, Dan
  Bloodlust! Brooke, Ralph
Sanguisuge Conduce la Danza, La Bloodsucker Leads the Dance, The Rizzo, Alfredo
Barbe Bleue Bluebeard Breillat, Catherine
Boa… Nguu Yak! Boa…the Huge Snake! Muangsuwan, Chaninton
  Boiler Room Younger, Ben
  Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Berlinger, Joe
Brysomme Mannen, Den Bothersome Man, The Lien, Jens
Shonen Boy Oshima, Nagisa
  Boy and His Dog, A Jones, L. Q.
  Boy Wonder Morrissey, Michael
  BreadCrumbs Nichols, Mike
  Breakfast at Tiffany’s Edwards, Blake
Hell Bright Fehlbaum, Tim
Gu Ling jie Shao Nian Sha Ren Shi Jian Brighter Summer Day, A Yang, Edward
  Brothel, The Waddell, Amy
  Buffalo ’66 Gallo, Vincent
  Bulldog Jack Forde, Walter
  Bullet Ballet Tsukamoto, Shinya
  Bully Hirsch, Lee
  Burrowers, The Petty, J. T.
  Butch Walker Live at Budokan Strine, Fran
  Call Girl Wives Whiteacre, Michael
  Cashback Ellis, Sean
  Caveman Gottlieb, Carl
  Chainsaw Sally Burril, Jimmyo
  Child’s Play Lumet, Sidney
  Chilling, The Nuse, Deland, and Jack A. Sunseri
  City Lights Chaplin, Charles
  City/Ruins: Art in the Case of Industrial Decay Petrus, Stephen
  Climax of Blue Power, A Frost, Lee
  Clown Tape, The Groel, Rick
  Come Out and Play Makinov
  Cool Runnings Turteltaub, Jon
  Copycat Amiel, Jon
  Coriolanus Fiennes, Ralph
  Corpo Celeste Rohrwacher, Alice
  Corridor, The Kelly, Evan
  Craft, The Fleming, Andrew
  Creep Smith, Christopher
  Cropsey Zeman, Joshua, and Barbara Brancaccio
  Currently Untitled Cooley, Adam
  Cursed, The Bender, Joel
Haebuhak-gyosil Cut, The Song, Tae-yun
  Dark Horse Hemmings, David
  Dark Horse, The Moore, Cornelia
  Dark Relic Sena, Lorenzo
  Dark Town Scarpone, Desi
  Darker Reality, A Kazmier, Chris
  Daydreamer Turner, Brahman
  Dead Alive Jackson, Peter
  Dead Presidents Hughes, Albert, and Allen Hughes
  Dead Season Deyoe, Adam
  Dead Silence Gallagher, Hugh
  Dead Space: Aftermath Disa, Mike
  DeadHeads Pierce, Brett, and Drew T. Pierce
  Death Machine Norrington, Stephen
  Delhi Belly Deo, Abhinay, and Akshat Verma
Krasue Demonic Beauty Bunluerit, Bin
Gatto Nero, Il Demons 6: De Profundis Cozzi, Luigi
Okuribito Departures Takita, Yojiro
  Desperate Measures Schroeder, Barbet
Di Renjie Zhi Tongtian Diguo Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame Tsui, Hark
  Detour to Terror O’Herlihy, Dan
  Devil Seed Sager, Greg A.
  Devil’s Due Danna, Ernest
  Devil’s Rock, The Campion, Paul
  Die James, Dominic
  Dil Bole Hadippa! Singh, Anurag
  Don’t Look in the Cellar Devine, Dennis
  Don’t Look Up Chan, Fruit
  Double Identity Dimster, Dennis
  Down to the Bone Granik, Debra
Zombi Holocaust Dr. Butcher, MD Girolami, Marino
  Dread DiBlasi, Anthony
  Dunwich Horror, The Scott, Leigh
  Eclipse, The McPherson, Conor
  Egg Tsutsumi, Yukihiko
  Elevator Svendsen, Stig
  Elizabeth Kapur, Shekhar
  End of the Affair, The Jordan, Neil
  Enter the Void Noe, Gaspar
  Episode 50 Smalley, Joe, and tess Smalley
Gidam Epitaph Jeong, Beom-Sik
  Escape from L.A. Carpenter, John
  Eternal, The: Kiss of the Mummy Almereyda, Michael
Mia aioniotitia kai mia mera Eternity and a Day Angelopoulos, Theo
Chigireta ai no Satsujin Evil Dead Trap 3: Broken Love Killer Ikeda, Toshiharu
  Expendables, The Stallone, Sylvester
  Extremes Vydra, Alan
  Face/Off Woo, John
  Fading of the Cries Metcalf, Brian A.
  Fanfare for a Death Scene Stevens, Leslie
Angst Fear Kargl, Gerald
  Fear Island Storey, Michael
Mille et Une Perversions de Felicia, Les Felicia Pecas, Max
  Fever Night aka Band of Satanic Outsiders Harris, Jordan, and Andrew Schrader
  Few Good Men, A Reiner, Rob
  Fifth Element, The Besson, Luc
  Fight Club Fincher, David
  Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of Heaven’s Gate Epstein, Michael
  Final Destination Wong, James
  Final, The Stewart, Joey
  Fire in Babylon Riley, Stevan
  First Power, The Resnikoff, Robert
5 Bambole per la Luna d’Agosto Five Dolls for an August Moon Bava, Mario
Ochazuke no Aji Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice, The Ozu, Yasujiro
  Food, Inc. Kenner, Robert
Nebeonjjae Cheung Forbidden Floor Kwan, Il-soon
  Forget Me Not Oliver, Tyler
  Four Rooms Tarantino, Quentin, et al.
  Frighteners, The Jackson, Peter
  Future Shock Parkinson, Eric, et al.
  Galaxy Quest Parisot, Dean
  Game of Death Serafini, Giorgio
  Game, The Fincher, David
  Gateway Meat, The DeCaro, Ron
  General’s Daughter, The West, Simon
Noejeolgaesul Geo-Lobotomy Kim, Gok, and Sun Kim
  Get Lamp Sadofsky, Jason Scott
Phasma ex Machina Ghost from the Machine Osterman, Matt
  Ghost Town Chapkanov, Todor
  Ghost Voyage Oxford, James
  Girl in 313, The Cortez, Ricardo
  Girls Gone Dead Hoffman, Michael, and Aaron T. Wells
  Go Liman, Doug
Wu Qingyuan Go Master, The Tian, Zhuangzhuang
  Goblet of Gore Schnaas, Andreas
Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo, Il Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The Leone, Sergio
  Goon Dowse, Michael
  Goreinvasion Magarinos, German
  Goth Cruise Finlay, Jeanie
  Grand, The Penn, Zak
  Grave Encounters Vicious Brothers, The
  Grave Secrets Borchers, Donald P.
  Grendel Lyon, Nick
  Greystone Park Stone, Sean
  Grosse Pointe Blank Armitage, George
Chiniku no Hana Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood Hino, Hideshi
Manhoru no Naka no Ningyo Guinea Pig 4: Mermaid in a Manhole Hino, Hideshi
  Gun Shy Blakeney, Eric
  Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Sturges, John
  H Lee, Jong-hyuk
  Hadewijch Dumont, Bruno
  Halloween Night Atkins, Mark
  Hand, The Stone, Oliver
  Hangar 18 Conway, James L.
Gaichu Harmful Insect Shiota, Akihiko
Hiroku Kaibyoden Haunted Castle, The Tanaka, Tokuzo
  Haunted House of Horror, The Armstrong, Michael
  Haunting in Salem, A Van Dyke, Shane
  Haunting of Whaley House, The Prendes, Jose
  Haywire Soderbergh, Steven
  He Married His Wife Del Ruth, Roy
Hodejegerne Headhunters Tyldum, Morten
  Helen Nettelbeck, Sandra
  Hell’s Gate 11:11 Bafaro, Michael
  HellBent Etheredge, Paul
  Hellbound: Hellraiser II Randel, Tony
  Hellcab Cybulski, Mary, and John Tintori
  Hellementary Smoley, Andrew
  Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Hickox, Anthony
  Hellraiser: Inferno Derrickson, Scott
  Hellraiser: Revelations Garcia, Victor
  Hidden Thomas, Antoine
  Hierro Ibanez, Gabe
  Hills Are Alive, The Thompson, Caroline
  Hobo with a Shotgun Eisener, Jason
  Hole, The Dante, Joe
  Hollow Axelgaard, Michael
  Hopscotch Neame, Ronald
  Horrible Way to Die, A Wingard, Adam
  Hostel Part III Spiegel, Scott
  Hotel!!, The Jarutok, Anukul
Vargtimmen Hour of the Wolf Bergman, Ingmar
  House Henson, Robby
Lisa e il Diavolo House of Exorcism, The Bava, Mario
  House of Fear May, Joe
  House on Telegraph Hill, The Wise, Robert
  House that Would Not Die, The Moxey, John Llewellyn
  Howling Ha, Yoo
  Human Behavior Cole, Derek and Shane
  Hunger Hentges, Steven
  Hunger McQueen, Steve
  Hunger Games, The Ross, Gary
  I Gotta Go! No director listed
  I Have My Own Song for It No director listed
  I, Desire Moxey, John Llewellyn
  Imprint Linn, Michael
  Incredible Melting Man, The Sachs, William
  Indie Game: The Movie Pajot, Lisanne, and James Swirsky
  Infected Ciano, Glenn
  Inherit the Wind Petrie, Daniel
  Inserts Byrum, John
  Into the Abyss Herzog, Werner
  Intruders Fresnadillo, Juan Carlos
  Invasion of the Bee Girls Sanders, Denis
  Invisible Waves Ratanaruang, Pen-ek
  Invitation to Ruin Richter, Kurt
  Island of Doomed Men Barton, Charles
  It Badger, Clarence G.
Bice Skoro Propast Sveta It Rains in My Village Petrovic, Aleksandar
  Jade Friedkin, William
  Jaws 3-D Alves, Joe
  Jennifer 8 Robinson, Bruce
  John Dies at the End Coscarelli, Don
  Joker Kunder, Shrish
  Just My Luck Carstairs, John Paddy
  Kill List Wheatley, Ben
  Killer Shrimps Golia, Piero
  Killing of a Chinese Cookie, The Shimda, Derek
  Kurbaan D’Silva, Renzil
  Lady at Midnight Newfield, Sam
  Lady Vanishes, The Hitchcock, Alfred
Masseria Delle Allodole, La Lark Farm Taviani, Paolo, and Vittorio Taviani
  Last Broadcast, The, Chapter Two: Pandora’s Dawn Petersen, Michael G.
  Last Chants for a Slow Dance Jost, Jon
Balada Triste de Trompeta Last Circus, The de la Iglesia, Alex
  Last Days Here Argott, Don, and Demian Fenton
  Last Kind Words Barker, Kevin
Gui tu lie che Last Train Home Fan, Lixin
  Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh, The Gudiño, Rodrigo
Año Bisiesto Leap Year Rowe, Michael
  Let It Ride Pytka, Joe
  Little Bit Zombie, A Walker, Casey
  Little Man Conn, Nicole
Taiyou no Ouji Horusu no Daibouken Little Norse Prince, The Takahata, Isao
  Living Impaired, The Fox, Michael
  Loft Van Looy, Erik
  Long Shot, The Brown, Georg Stanford
  Lost, The Sivertson, Chris
  Lovely Molly Sánchez, Eduardo
  Loving Annabelle Brooks, Katherine
Bôkô Honban Lustmord Sato, Hisayasu
  Mademoiselle and the Doctor Hosking, Janine
  Madhouse Butler, WIlliam
  Malibu Shark Attack Lister, David
  Manxman, The Hitchcock, Alfred
  March Hare, The O’Farrell, George More
  Mary and Max Elliot, Adam
  Mask Maker Furst, Griff
  Medium Raw Cymek, Andrew
  Meek’s Cutoff Reichardt, Kelly
  Memory Davlin, Bennett
  Metropolis Restored Lang, Fritz
Topo, El Mole, The Jodorowsky, Alejandro
  Mona Lisa Jordan, Neil
  Monsters Edwards, Gareth
  Monsturd Popko, Rick, and Dan West
Kuutamosonaatti Moonlight Sonata Soinio, Olli
Leptirica Moth, The Kadijevic, Djordje
  Mothman Wilson, Sheldon
  Mummy, The Freund, Karl
  Music Box Costa-Gavras, Konstantinos
  My Friend Bernard Lim, Aaron
  My Name Is Joe Loach, Ken
  My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? Herzog, Werner
To Symblegma Mykonos Illusions Markides, Stratos
  Mysterious Doctor, The Stoloff, Benjamin
  Mysterious Mr. Wong, The Nigh, William
  Mystery Men Usher, Kinka
  Mystery of the Thirteenth Guest, The Beaudine, William
  Near Dark Bigelow, Kathryn
  Ned Kelly Jordan, Gregor
  Nick Carter, Master Detective Tourneur, Jacques
  Night Digger, The Reid, Alastair
  Night Flier, The Pavia, Mark
  Night of June 13, The Roberts, Stephen
  Night of the Dead: Leben Tod Forsberg, Eric
  Night of the Living Dead: Reanimation Broadstreet, Jeff
  Night They Returned, The Bell, SV
  Nightmare Ingram, Terry
Kifujin Shibari Tsubo Noble Lady Bound Vase Konuma, Masaru
  Noctem Wolf, Jens
  Nor Noise Hovinbole, Tom
Noriko no Shokutaku Noriko’s Dinner Table Sono, Shion
  Now You See Me Leterrier, Louis
  Nuclear Comeback, The Pemberton, Justin
  Numbers Station, The Barfoed, Kasper
  Occultic Battle Chidebe, Mac Collins
  Occultic War Chidebe, Mac Collins
  Occupant Miller, Henry
Zankoku Ijô Gyakutai Monogatari: Genroku onna Keizu Orgies of Edo Ishii, Teruo
Altro Inferno, La Other Hell, The Mattei, Bruno
  Our Town Wood, Sam
  Outcast McCarthy, Colm
  Oxygen Shepard, Richard
Meute, La Pack, The Richard, Franck
Hakuja Den Panda and the Magic Serpent Okabe, Kazuhiko, and Taiji Yabushita
  Parasitic Martin, Tim
  Path of Destruction Furst, Stephen
  Pathogen Hagins, Emily
  Patriot, The Emmerich, Roland
  Penumbra Bogliano, Ramiro Garcia and Adrian Garcia Bogliano
  Phantoms Chappelle, Joe
  Pharaoh’s Curse Sholem, Lee
Fobos. Klub Strakha Phobos, The Assadulin, Oleg
  Piranha Aja, Alexandre
  Pit Pony Till, Eric
  Playback Nickels, Michael A.
  Pocong vs. Kuntilanak Purnomo, David
  Poison Ivy 3: The New Seduction Voss, Kurt
  Poker Run Higgins, Julian
  Pool, The Smith, Chris
  Popatopolis Westervelt, Clay
  Poughkeepsie Tapes, The Dowdle, John Erick
Proie Prey Blossier, Antoine
  Pride of the Blue Grass Beaudine, William
  Priest Bird, Antonia
  Primal Fear Hoblit, Gregory
Plein Soleil Purple Noon Clement, Rene
  Python, The Philips, Amayo Uzo
  Racetrack Wiseman, Frederick
  Rapt Belvaux, Lucas
  Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Helander, Jalmari
  Ready to Work: Portraits of Braddock Rose, Aaron
Doenjang Recipe, The Lee, Anna
  Red Riding Hood Cimini, Giacomo
  Red Stallion, The Selander, Lesley
  Red State Smith, Kevin
  Red, White, and Blue Rumley, Simon
  Registered Nurse Florey, Robert
  Relative Evil Wexler, Tanya
  Remains Theys, Colin
  Repeaters Bessai, Carl
  Resident, The Jokinen, Antti
  Return to Horror High Froehlich, Bill
  Return to Me Hunt, Bonnie
  Riese Humphries, Nicholas, and Kaleena Kiff
  Rise of the Zombies Lyon, Nick
Road Train Road Kill Francis, Dean
  Road to Nowhere Hellman, Monte
  Road, The Laranas, Yam
  Rob Roy Caton-Jones, Michael
  Rounders Dahl, John
  Rules of Engagement Friedkin, William
  Safe in Hell Wellman, William A.
Samaria Samaritan Girl Kim, Ki-duk
Samurai-princesu: Gedo-hime Samurai Princess, The Kaji, Kengo
  Santa Sangre Jodorowsky, Alejandro
Panggil Namaku 3x Say My Name 3x Pagayo, Koya
  Schizo Walker, Pete
Homme Qui Crie, Un Screaming Man, A Haroun, Mahamat-Saleh
  Sculptress, The Merrick, Ian
Sikeurit Secret Yoon, Jae-gu
  Secretariat Wallace, Randall
7 Gwanggu Sector 7 Kim, Ji-hoon
  Senseless Hynd, Simon
  Seven Keys to Baldpate Barker, Reginald
  Severance Smith, Christopher
  Sex with a Stranger Monte, Chris
  Sex, Lies, and Videotape Soderbergh, Stephen
  Shadow in the Trees Smith, Chris
  Shadow of the Vampire Merhige, Edmund Elias
Senki Shadows Manchevski, Milcho
  Shaft Singleton, John
  Shanks Castle, William
  Sharknado Ferrante, Anthony C.
  Shauna: Every Man’s Fantasy Findlay, Roberta
Flænset Shredded Grunbaum, Heini
  Silent Hill: Revelation Bassett, Michael J.
  Silent House Kentis, Chris, and Laura Lau
  Simple Plan, A Raimi, Sam
Scomunicate si San Valentino, Le Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine, The Grieco, Sergio
  Six Hundred Sixty-Six Doades, Tom
  Slave Welch, Darryn
  Slugs Simón, Juan Piquer
  Snowtown Kurzel, Justin
  Socket Abley, Sean
  Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade Hickenlooper, George
  Sonatine Kitano, Takeshi
Lhorn Soul Phopairoj, Arphichard
  Spiderhole Simpson, Daniel
  Spiders Takacs, Tibor
  Spiders Jones, Gary
  Star Angel Howard, Cecil
  State of Emergency Clay, Turner
  Strange Days Bigelow, Kathryn
  Strays Diesel, Vin
  Stripperland Skelding, Sean
  Suicide Kings O’Fallon, Peter
  Sukiyaki Western Django Miike, Takashi
  Summer of Sam Lee, Spike
  Super 8 Abrams, J. J.
  Supernatural Activity Nixon, Derek Lee
  Survival of the Dead Romero, George A.
Boksuneun Naui Geot Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Park, Chan-wook
  Talented Mr. Ripley, The Minghella, Anthony
  Tall Man, The Laugier, Pascal
  Terror Trap Garcia, Dan
  Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead Fleder, Gary
  Thirteenth Chair, The Browning, Tod
Sånt Händer inte Här This Can’t Happen Here Bergman, Ingmar
Saam Gaang Three…Extremes II Nimibur, Nonzee, et al.
  Thunder Below Wallace, Richard
  Tiger Street Ryerson, Timothy
  Torrent Bell, Monta
Panique au Village Town Called Panic, A Aubier, Stephane, and Vincent Patar
  Trainspotting Boyle, Danny
  Trapped Ashes Cunningham, Sean S., et al.
DeUsynlige Troubled Water Poppe, Erik
  True Romance Scott, Tony
  Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Craig, Eli
  Turning, The Puopolo, L. A.
  Twisted Issues Pinion, Charles
  Unborn, The Flender, Rodman
  Unknown Origin Levy, Scott P.
Pen Choo Kab Pee Unseeable, The Sasanatieng, Wisit
  Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness Gilbert, Melody
  V/H/S Wingard, Adam, et al.
  V/H/S 2 Barrett, Simon, et al.
  Vampires Carpenter, John
  Very Bad Things Berg, Peter
  Vile Sheridan, Taylor
  Virgin Witch Austin, Ray
  Virtuous Sin, The Gasnier, Louis, and George Cukor
Du Saram-yida Voices Oh, Ki-hwan
  Waking Madison Brooks, Katharine
  War of the Dead Mäkilaakso, Marko
  Watcher, The Charbanic, Joe, and Keff Jensen
  Way of the Gun, The McQuarrie, Christopher
  We Don’t Care About Music Anyway Dupire, Cedric, and Gaspard Kuentz
  Weeds Hancock, John D.
  West Side Story Wise, Robert
  Westward Ho! Bradbury, Robert N.
  Westworld Crichton, Michael
  What Lies Beneath Zemeckis, Robert
  What’s the Matter with Kansas? Winston, Joe
  What’s Up, Tiger Lily? Allen, Woody
  White Hunter, Black Heart Eastwood, Clint
Fu-Rai White Panic Fujii, Shugo
Hwa-i-teu: Jeo-woo-eui Mel-lo-di White: The Melody of the Curse Kim, Gok, and Sun Kim
  Winter’s Bone Granik, Debra
  Witching Hour, The Hathaway, Henry
Intikam Kadini Woman’s Revenge, A Yurter, Naki
  Wyoming Bandit, The Ford, Philip
  X Game Fukuda, Yohei
  X-Men Singer, Bryan
  XTRO Davenport, Harry Bromley
Giallo Yellow Argento, Dario
  You’re Gonna Miss Me McAlester, Keven
  You’re Next Wingard, Adam
  Zombie ’90: Extreme Pestilence Schnaas, Andreas
  Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption Thompson. Ryan
  Zombie Diaries 2, The Bartlett, Michael, and Kevin Gates
  Zombie Massacre Boni, Luca, and Marco Ristori
  Zombiegore van Druten, Maarten
  Zombies Ate My Neighbors Yeo, Brian
Zombi: La Creazione Zombies: The Beginning Mattei, Bruno
  Zorns Lemma Frampton, Hollis

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