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Album of the Year: Dog Lady, Children of the Torn Snare*

The best of the rest:
Antony and the Johnsons, The Crying Light
Better than Ezra, Paper Empire
Breaking Benjamin, Dear Agony*
Clutch, Strange Cousins from the West*
Delain, April Rain*
Enter the Haggis, Gutter Anthems*
Merzbow, Don’t Steal My Goat*
Pocrupine Tree, The Incident
Skin Graft, A Brick in the Mouth of a Corpse*



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Album of the Year: Robert Turman, Beyond Painting**

The best of the rest:
Agalloch, Marrow of the Spirit*
Arsonist’s Prayer, Schizoid*
Author and Punisher, Drone Machines
Andrew Coltrane, Faded Empire
Kitchen Cynics, Flies
Kylesa, Spiral Shadow*
Merzbow, Another Merzbow Records*
Swans, My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
Butch Walker and the Black Widows, I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart*


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Album of the Year: Cunting Daughters, Gone**

The best of the rest:
Julianna Barwick/Ikue Mori, FRKWYS vol. 6*
Botanist, The Suicide Tree/A Rose from the Dead*
Merzbow, Variations for Electric Fan*
Mournful Congregation, The Book of Kings
Plague Mother, The Faithful Supine
Posture, Posture*
Jeremy Soule, Skyrim*
Torso, Crawl*
Butch Walker and the Black Widows, The Spade*


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Album of the Year: Delain, We Are the Others**

The best of the rest:
Author and Punisher, Ursus Americanus*
Cunting Daughters, Torrent*
Discretion, Linger*
Julia Holter, Ekstasis
Mailbomb Solution, F.C.*
Plague Mother/Skin Graft, Kingsbury Ruin*
Pray for Teeth, Demo 2012*
Prurient, Oxidation*
Skin Graft, Sowell*



I have no idea what is going on on this cover. Scratches on a jailhouse wall, perhaps?

Album of the Year: Skin Graft, Enemy**

The best of the rest:
Julianna Barwick, Nepenthe*
Clutch, Earth Rocker*
Dog Lady Island, The Stop Circle of Singing*
Pray for Teeth, From the Dry Edge of the Shore*
Shrive, Nothing Works Here*
Thy Light, No Morrow Shall Dawn*
Robert Turman, Roto*
Ulcerate, Vermis*
Various Artists, Songs for Spooky*





Album of the Year: Plague Mother, Departures**

The best of the rest:
Atomic Cockbombs, Neural Interference*
Babymetal, Babymetal*
Delain, The Human Contradiction*
Dog Lady Island, Malone*
Godflesh, A World Lit Only By Fire*
Aaron Martin, Comet’s Coma*
Murderous Vision, Engines and Disciples*
Pharmakon, Bestial Burden*
Raison d’Être, Mise en Abyme*





Album of the Year: Ghost, Meliora**

The best of the rest:
Band-Maid, New Beginning*
Clutch, Psychic Warfare*
Crowhurst, Crowhurst*
Icarus the Owl, Pilot Waves*
Andrew Kirschner, Weighted Ghost*
Myrkur, M*
Plague Mother, Dying, Midwestern*
Triumvir Foul, Triumvir Foul*
The Vomit Arsonist, Bridgewater*





Album of the Year: Marissa Nadler, Strangers**

The best of the rest:
Babymetal, Metal Resistance*
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Skeleton Tree*
Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker*
Death Index, Death Index*
Everyone Dies in the End, Space Between Spaces*
Nested, 3*
Puce Mary, The Spiral*
Johanna Warren, Gemini I*
Youth Code, Commitment to Complications*



VomA Meditations


Album of the Year: The Vomit Arsonist, Meditations on Giving Up Completely**

The best of the rest:
Band-Maid, Just Bring It*
Compactor, Multicore*
Damnation A.D., Pornography*
Clara Engel, Songs for Leonora Carrington*
Myrkur, Mareridt*
Serrated Slump, Serrated Slump*
Skin Graft, Condition*
GC Slagle, Æarth*
Jeremy Soule, The Northerner Diaries*


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