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Daddies: All About the Work They Do (1953): They Read, Too

Janet Frank, Daddies: All About the Work They Do (Golden Press, 1953)


A daddy reads to his daughter on the book's cover.

We are multi-talented, we are.
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I know I should be complaining about how sexist this book is blah blah blah reinforces stereotypes blah blah blah women can do blah blah blah. And all of it is true, and valid, and had this book been written today, or even in the eighties, I would probably have been sitting there shocked that something like this got past the editorial board. (That said, Golden did publish the execrable Polly’s Pet in 1984.) But honestly, I was kind of delighted to find a book that mentioned fathers at all in their catalog that I didn’t have a problem with it. Well, not much of one. And all that stuff is in the back of my head, and keeping me from unhesitatingly recommending it; looked at from a modern perspective, I’m not sure I would go so far as to call it sexist, but it’s rather, um, non-inclusive. That said, it’s pretty easy to amend a little talk about how mommies are just as capable of driving trucks, teaching braille, acting, etc. as daddies are, and problem (kind of) solved. I’d like to think so, anyway, because from a technical perspective the book is flawless; the rhythm is dead on, the rhymes perfect, the illustrations affable and engaging. Simply put, I like the silly thing, even if I keep thinking I shouldn’t. ** ½


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