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Ohio Off the Beaten Path (1985): But It Only Goes So Far

George Zimmermann, Ohio Off the Beaten Path (East Woods Press, 1985)

A lighthouse graces the cover of the book.

Not my edition. Mine is so old the cover does not exist on the web.
photo credit: ebay

Picking up a quarter-century-old travel guide is not a good idea if you’re actually going to be doing any of the travelling therein. (I have gathered from checking the Internet that more up-to-date versions of this book exist, so if you end up wanting to check it out, find one printed during a time when the restaurants Zimmerman is classing as “high-end” were charging more than ten bucks for an entree.) But for the armchair sightseer they can be a lot of fun, and for my money you can’t get any better than the sorts of Roadside America books that get you away from the usual tourist destinations and into the hinterlands. Enter George Zimmerman (no, not that George Zimmerman, at least not that I am aware of), whose Ohio Off the Beaten Path does exactly that.

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I’m a Stranger Here Myself (1999): Energy Star

Bill Bryson, I’m a Stranger Here Myself (Broadway Books, 1999)

[originally posted 23Jan2001]

The book's cover features one of those coin-operated-telescope things with stars in its eyes and a smiley face.

He’s a jukebox hero.
photo credit:

At, one of the (many) ways a quiz can go from a relatively high ranking to “very poor” between the time I start and the time I finish is a factual error that causes me to get a question wrong. Research is a beautiful thing.

Half of me is willing to give Bill Bryson the benefit of the doubt; the other half is ready to excoriate him on what may be a false impression. I’ll attempt to keep it reserved.
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