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Extreme Music from Women Live (2000): Apologia

Extreme Music from Women (Cleveland, March 18, 2000, Speak in Tongues)

[originally posted 21Mar2000]

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Live and loud.

Rosemary Malign’s car broke down the day the tour started. She never made it out of St. Louis. No one bothered to tell me. I was looking forward, greatly, to seeing Ms. Malign do her earsplitting thing. Nunslaughter were playing at the club upstairs from EMFW. No one bothered to tell me. There were a few spots where some good death metal would have been just the thing to counteract boredom. Peter Sotos came in from Chicago to catch the show. No one bothered to tell me until I was standing face to face with the guy being introduced. I could have a signed copy of Total Abuse now. (As it stands, at least I got some info for later in the message.) More disturbing, after being introduced, he got a pensive look on his face, than said, “your name sounds familiar. Where would I have heard of you?” Given Sotos’ book subjects, I hesitate to ask.
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Pile of Eggs/Murderous Vision/etc. (2000): No Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Pile of Eggs/Murderous Vision/XTerminal/Contamination Diet/Lockweld/Mike Duncan
The Peanut Gallery, Akron, OH, 6-10-2000
[originally posted 15Jun2000]
I feel like I’m leaving someone off the bandlist and I’m gonna get my ass kicked…

First and foremost: for the second time in a row, no one was around except members of other bands to see Pile of Eggs perform. Their loss. These guys put on a fabulous stage show. Think Penn and Teller do noise; in-your-face physical comedy, unintelligible vocals, and the kind of antics usually only seen on trailer-park special PPV wrestling shows. They will no doubt build a huge following extremely quickly.
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Taint/Goat Live at the Peanut Gallery 2000: Balls to the Wall

Taint/Goat/Lockweld/Noumena&Sodium/XTerminal/Contamination Diet/Mike Duncan
The Peanut Gallery, Akron OH, 10 July 2000
[originally posted 13Jul2000]

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I have no idea why this picture comes up when one googles taint goat peanut gallery akron. But I cannot find a poster and I like this better anyway.

When Texas’ finest native musician and Texas’ finest transplanted musician decide to hit the road, you can pretty much be guaranteed that something awful is going to happen. And you’re probably going to love every minute of it.
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Speak in Tongues, April 29, 2000: Sentinals [sic] of the Apocalypse

Quell/In Death’s Throes/Baal/Death Squad/Lockweld/XTerminal
Speak in Tongues, April 29th, 2000
[originally posted 1May2000]

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No, you dimwits, of course I wasn’t unbiased.

The four-year reign of terror is over. Death Squad is done playing east of the Mississippi in north America. It’ll never happen again. And a small, select crowd from Ohio and Pennsylvania were on hand Saturday night to witness the swan song.

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