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I meant to post reviews last night. I did. Honest!

…but the laptop I was using to write reviews while I finished watching 1997’s Aberration (you’ve seen it a hundred times before) and 2010’s Das Letzte Schweiger (which is amazing and you should watch it right now if you have Netflix Instant) was responding so slowly that I couldn’t actually get to the New Post screen in order to drop a note that I couldn’t post anything because the response time on the laptop was so slow.

Today. Honest.

I suck.

Lordy, even I’m not sure how far behind I am at this point. I have so many blank headers on that bloody document with nothing attached to them that it’s kind of intimidating. And one of these days I actually will get around to writing some of the reviews. Until then, once work calms down or I get myself a new video card, I’ll start trying to catch up on the vault reviews.


I’m not gone. Writer’s block and hardware failures.

Bloody hell…

The saga of the dead video card at home continues, and is exacerbated by the last couple of weeks having piled stress on stress, to the point where I’ve kind of lost sight of my schedule. I’m going to try and figure out exactly how far I’m behind and get caught up Monday, assuming I don’t have another avalanche of work like I did this week.

Catch-Up Time… Again

Imagine these are video cards. photo credit: New York Times

Imagine these are video cards.
photo credit: New York Times

Thanks to my video card finally frying on me over the weekend, I haven’t been able to post anything from home (the screen on my wife’s laptop is way too small for all the stuff I do before a post). I was off work for vacation Monday and Tuesday–yesterday’s post should have been a book report from CWRU’s annual Box Day sale, but a sick baby put the kibosh on that–and so, obviously, nothing got posted. I was hoping I would be able to catch up today at work, but for once, I had to actually catch up on work. Thus, you shall be subjected to a veritable flood of posts bright and early tomorrow.

I also moved the capsule reviews day for the month back a week to compensate (so you only get eight posts tomorrow instead of twenty-six). Your monthly dose of one-paragraph-at-a-time bitterness will surface next Monday, June 9. Tomorrow, you should, barring any major crises at work, be seeing the following:

New reviews:
Not of This Earth, Abro ne Bayie, Carriers, The Return (all movies)
Vault reviews:
Harm’s Way, Privileged Information, Fitzcarraldo, Blow-Up (the first two are Stephen White novels, the last two are movies)

Ripples, ripples…

Because I’m still playing catchup from my week of hospitalization, the capsule reviews normally scheduled for today will be pushed back until after catchup is complete.

Service Restored

Well, folks, your favorite goat has returned from his unscheduled vacation. (For the record, I did not have the opportunity to weave a single basket.) I have some catch-up to do that will hopefully happen over the next two or three days.


A Minor Interruption in Service

Just when the excuses-excuses tag had finally fallen off the most used tags list. I’ll be gone for a bit…not exactly sure of the duration. See you on the other side.