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Company (2011): We’ll Make You Shout “Encore” And Send Us Out for More

photo credit: Oregon State University

Nathan Fisher, Company (Publisher unknown, 2011)


Surprisingly, the tattoos do have something to do with the story. photo credit: my copy

Company” seems to have disappeared from Amazon, along with the rest of Nathan Fisher’s Testing the Boundaries series. Which is kind of a shame, because when it comes to cheap Kindle porn, 99% of it ranges from mediocre to downright awful. “Company” is average, which is still better than mediocre. It’s a pretty standard story (sexy married couple invites wife’s friend to join them one night) with pretty standard (read: overly beautiful to the point of being flawless) characters, but it’s well-written and the actual sex is realistic enough that it’s better than most of this sort of thing. My main gripe with it is my main gripe with pretty much any ultra-short piece of Kindle porn that’s actually good: Fisher could have made it so much better by building characters we could actually get to know and care about, interesting, flawed people whose reactions to the sex are as realistic as the sex itself. Alas, however, it seems we can’t have everything. ***

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