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Tappy’s Team (2002[?]): Pigs on the Wing

Nicole O’Neill, Tappy’s Team (Modern Publishing, 2002[?])

Tappy steps up to the plate on the book's cover.

Sorry, I’m fresh out of pork baseball puns right now.
photo credit: Open Library

This one the Bean isn’t one hundred percent sure about yet. I’m actually writing this review three or four months after we picked it up; it took quite a while to grow on him, but he’s asked for it at storytime once or twice in the last couple of weeks. I’m not one hundred percent sure about it, either; I like where O’Neill wants to go with this, and on the last page she does end up getting there, but the path she takes to get there doesn’t quite match up with the endpoint. Still, that is easily remedied with a bit of dialogue after the book about Tappy’s behavior. Give it a look at the library before deciding whether you want to add it to the shelf at home. ** ½

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