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I Took the Moon for a Walk (2004): And the Moon Went with Him

Carolyn Curtis, I Took the Moon for a Walk (Barefoot Books, 2004)

Full disclosure: since I wrote this review, and in part because of our reactions to Starlight Sailor and I Took the Moon for a Walk, my wife and mother-in-law have become Barefoot Books distributors.

The narrator and the moon, hand in hand, walk down a path on the book cover.

Over the hill and through the woods.
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Google Books calls the language in I Took the Moon for a Walk “lyrical”, and they’re not just tossing the word around casually. I have looked high and low and found no evidence at all that the words here are based on a song, but if they’re not, they’re the closest to it in an original piece of pre-lit outside of Sandra Boynton I’ve ever seen. The rhythm is strong in this one, grasshoppa, and you will not realize how precious that is until you start inundating your household with pre-lit. So much of it (even some that IS based on songs, e.g. Animal Fair above) has rhythm that just doesn’t quite work that finding a book like this is something quite special indeed. I loved this one, and Bean did too (though to be fair, he’s obsessed right now with anything that mentions, or depicts, the moon); we read it at least three times a week. It doesn’t get old. ****

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