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Super Buddies (2013): Unfortunately, This Probably Made Money

Super Buddies (Robert Vince, 2013)

The buddies of the title pose in their superhero outfits on the movie's poster.

I wish I could say this was a poster for a movie that does not exist.
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Five dogs discover alien rings that give them super powers, after which they run around bumbling their way to saving people (and pets). Which would be your basic stupid kidflick (and even if it were, why would you waste your time on this crap when there are so many better kidflicks out there?) were it not for the personalities of the pups in question, based on the characters of the owner of each, including a prepubescent (white) jive-talker, a spoiled princess, a bully, and a nerd, all stereotypes with the depth of a sheet of onionskin, if even that. Ten minutes into this I was ready to tear my hair out; after eighty I was considering canceling my Netflix Streaming subscription just so this monstrosity would be out of my Recently Viewed queue and the Bean would forget about its existence. Absolutely horrifying. I found it offensive because of the stereotyping (and how it is used not even to address any issues, but just to distinguish the characters—the laziest possible use of stereotyping); YMMV, but I kind of hope it doesn’t, because if you find it acceptable, yes, I will probably judge you for that. (zero)


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