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Right to Kill (1983): It’s Your Nature

Whitehouse, Right to Kill (Come Organisation, 1983)

[originally posted 17Sep2001]

A photo of serial killer Dennis Nilsen, and the title of the album, on a white background.

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Even though only three hundred copies of this fabled LP were made, and Whitehouse have stated repeatedly that it will never be re-pressed (for once, that seems to actually be the case), Right to Kill has become one of Whitehouse’s most popular releases, probably because “Right to Kill” and “Tit Pulp” have been played at so many of Whitehouse’s live shows. Bootleg cassettes of the album have spread around the world, and by now should be in the hands of most Whitehouse fans. Outside the community, as well, the album has achieved some kind of mythic status, mostly because of the insane sums of money hardcore collectors will pay to get their hands on one of the original three hundred.

That said, it’s an early-period (June 1983) Whitehouse album, the band’s eighth release. In other words, don’t expect it to sound much different than the other early-period Whitehouse releases. The unmistakable high-pitched squeals of the EMS Wasp synth run through a phaser and heavily-treated vocals from Tomkins, Bennett, and Best. It’s nice to hear Right to Kill in its studio version, but much of this can be found a whole lot cheaper by picking and choosing cassettes of the live actions (available for six pounds per from If you really need a copy, scam a dub from one of your Whitehouse-loving friends, but on the whole you’re probably better off spending less money and picking up a copy of one of the more accessible early-period releases, e.g. New Britain or Dedicated to Peter Kurten. *** ½

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