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Isolation (2011): The Declining State of Health Care

Isolation (Stephen Kay, 2011)

The masked face of the doctor looms over Eva Amurri on the movie poster.

“Okay, but does your insurance cover that?”
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Imagine waking up in a hospital bed, restrained, with no idea of how you got there or what’s wrong with you. Everyone you encounter—the orderlies, the inters, the doctor in charge of your case—is frustratingly vague about what’s wrong with you, just providing the usual platitudes about how it’s all going to be okay and you’ll be better soon. Now on top of all that, imagine that you yourself are an intern, and imagine how much that would compound the frustration and bewilderment.

Eva Amurro finds herself in the midst of an invasive medical procedure in a still from the film.

“Spinal Tap isn’t just a band, you know…”
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It might actually be possible to glean the entire mystery of Isolation from the few sentences above. I don’t believe that is entirely a problem of my own making; the Big Twist here is somewhat predictable, though Kay, probably best known for directing the ill-conceived 2000 remake of Get Carter, does add a few interesting variations to the mix. The patient in this little game is Amy Moore (Saved!‘s Eva Amurri Martino), and as the days wear on, all she has to go on is the empty assurances of the hospital staff who wait on her and the occasional sound from the next room over. Problem is that sometimes the sounds from that next room over get a little disconcerting, to the point where she thinks it might be a good idea to try and get out of her bonds and figure out what kind of place she’s actually in.

Such a good setup…and then such a trite climax, enough to make me shove this one in the below-average pile despite the first hour of it being solid and actually managing to generate the kind of suspense and mystery that other films of this ilk (Captivity is the obvious parallel here) never managed to achieve. If only Kay had provided a payoff and rich as the film leading up to it. **

Only one pic above because every other screenshot I found on the net was of the vastly superior 2005 film of the same name.

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