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Buzzbomb (2001): One Last Bullet

Terror Organ, Buzzbomb (The Rectrix, 2001)

[originally posted 2Nov2001]

The members of the band, wearing gas masks and seated in back-to-back wheelchairs, adorn the album cover.

Pity they got section-eighted out of the military.
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The day after receiving this album in the mail two months ago, I decided it had a strong chance of topping my year’s-best list. The intervening weeks have done nothing to dissuade me from thinking such.

Terror Organ are two folks (a husband and wife team) who are very, very pissed off at the world, and want you to know it. The sonics are just this side of powerelectronics, never quite hitting that threshold of feedback-induced nastiness that equates to a lack of control, and the vocals are just plain evil. Some of the band’s lighter and fluffier topics are the eruption of Karakatoa and the destruction of all mankind. Gotta love it.

They do have a sense of humor, though, which comes out in their choices of samples (e.g. Sean Connery’s embarrassing “the gun is GOOD!” speech from Zardoz). It’s all just a big cosmic joke on humanity, as long as you share the deity-of-the-week’s sense of humor. Or something.

Only disc I’ve received this year that rivals wilt’s The Black Box Aesthetic as CD of the year. Remisicent of early-80s-era NON, with already-grunged-out loops and rhythms being messed about with, deconstructed and reconstructed, and giving meaning back to the term “industrial music.” Only dips into the pool of stupid fifty-cent-word song titles once, thankfully (“Orgastic Fulgurations”—oh, please). If you have their first demo, “Holy Wars Against Silence,” a good deal of this will sound familiar—that whole release is replicated here along with five new songs. Loud, ugly, unapologetic, nihilist, and easily some of the best noise released so far in 2001.

Perfectly beautiful stuff. Buy at all costs. **** ½


Terror Organ’s final live performance, February 2003.

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