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mahamanvantara (2001): Je Ne Sais Pas/Je Ne Sais Quoi

kNOw, mahamanvantara (The Rectrix, 2001)

[originally posted 2Nov2001]

A shadow of a man about to be executed adorns the CD cover.

Deathbed kundalini.
photo credit:

The sixth release on New Jersey label The Rectrix is the debut CD from kNOw, a collaboration between Alex Anievas and The Hollowing veteran Matt Gibney. The six tracks here, in total, clock in at just under an hour.

The majority of the music here sits solidly in the dark ambient vein, sitting just under the pain threshold, but every once in a while (e.g. the climax of track 2, “Forever”), the noise kicks in and things get staticky and chaotic. Imagine listening to the soundtrack of a serial killer movie while suffering from bouts of tinnitus and you should have a good idea.

One track that truly stands out is “Lethe Parallel,” an almost minimal journey through what sounds like an endless, silent, cavernous tunnel of love with a nervous companion who keeps shifting in his seat and dropping pennies over the side of the boat to gauge the depth of the water (despite the darkness). Building of tension leads to the kind of payoff you just don’t see often enough from the Hollywood machine; might as well get it from a small CD label in New Jersey, right? ****

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