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This Is Not My Hat (2012): Rash of Millinery Theft Continues, Film at 11

Jon Klassen, This Is Not My Hat (Candlewick, 2012)


The thieving fish and the thieved hat adorn the book's cover.

“A hat on a fish. Sounds crazy, no? But in your little village of Anatevka, each of us is a hat on a fish…”
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Klassen follows up his tremendous smash I Want My Hat Back with this second hat-related tale, in which a sneaky little fish has swiped a hat from a much bigger fish and tries to get away with it by fleeing into a forest of seaweed. The results are expected. This one isn’t nearly as fun as its predecessor, but it does have the same offbeat humor, even is that feels forced now and again; if you loved the first (and you should), check this one out of the library and give it a go before deciding to add it to your permanent collection. ***


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