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Santa’s Surprise (1997): Hint: It’s Not a Shot of Jagermeister

Anonymous, Santa’s Surprise (Landoll, 1997)

points off: no author listed.

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No picture until I get home and take one of our copy, it seems.

I mentioned in my review of Where’s the Golden Egg? above that one of the things about it that really bugged me is that there was no story to it—no real link to the places you search or the things you find. Santa’s Surprise has that very same problem. While I never thought I would say this about a Landoll book, the one place that Santa’s Surprise does it better than Where’s the Golden Egg? is that at least the final page is somewhat logical (you look for presents under the tree, at least if you’re in America and are used to having a tree in your house every Christmas season). So there is that, though there is no “lead-up“ to it, at least not in what I would consider a traditional sense for a book like this. Had I not deducted points for incomplete information this would have ended up rated higher than Where’s the Golden Egg?, as well as being the highest-rated Landoll book in the Bean’s collection. Not saying much, but still. * ½


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