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Crash (1997): (Motor) Oil and Vinegar

Crash (David Cronenberg, 1997)

[originally posted 28Jun2001]

The top halves of the saces of the movie's four principals over a reclining nude censored by a traffic warning sign adorn the movie poster.

No Trespassing.
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Once again, the detractors feel free to dismiss a Cronenberg film as gratuitous and one-dimensional—especially since it garnered an NC-17 rating. The “People who get sexually excited by auto accidents” description I heard every time the film was mentioned covers about five minutes of actual screen time and completely ignores the complexity of the characters involved. Cronenberg comes up with another winner—excellent script, good pacing, and the kind of cast most hollywood-blockbuster directors dream of being able to assemble, including an (as usual) Oscar-worthy performance from Elias Koteas as Vaughan, the sociopathic leader of the band of fetishists. Definitely one worth seeing; on a par with Cronenberg’s best work. ****


Red-band trailer.

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