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Winning Horseracing Handicapping (1999): Lesson 1: Title for Clarity

Chuck Badone, Winning Horseracing Handicapping 2/E (Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie, 1999)

[originally posted 27Mar2001]

A series of photographs depicting track life adorn the cover of the trade paperback.

Playing the ponies, losing less money: a fine combination.
photo credit: ebay

Badone, the selections guru at the newly-opened Lone Star Park, wrote a book on handicapping long ago, during his days of giving seminars at Turf Paradise. When Lone Star opened, they reprinted the book with a number of revisions from Badone, as a kind of new-fan primer. Too bad they kept the grammatically painful title, but other than that, there’s little that will steer you wrong here.

If you’ve already read the basic handicapping texts, you’re not going to find terribly much here you haven’t read before, though Badone does put a few things into new perspectives. This book isn’t aimed at the well-read horseplayer, however, but at the new patron. Badone lays his material out quickly and easily, but without the pedantry that mars a number of books for beginning handicappers. He’s extremely easy to read, and his section on class changes is the easiest-to-understand I’ve ever read (not to mention one of the most solid; it’s not Jim Quinn’s Class of the Field, but for the beginning player, it’s great stuff). Highly recommended for casual and new fans of Thoroughbred racing. *** ½

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