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Whet Appetites of Virtual Strangers (2013): Wet Panties of Not a Single Reader

Elaine Shuel, Whet Appetites of Virtual Strangers (No publisher listed, 2013)

Had I been planning on giving this any points, it would have lost them for not supplying complete information.


A statuesque blonde gives the reader a come-hither look on the ebook's cover.

Generic porn cover is generic.
photo credit: Goodreads

I should mention that I noticed, when I dropped by the Amazon page to see if anyone had bothered to add in the rest of the necessary information about the book (specifically, its publisher), that while Amazon helpfully informs me that I purchased Whet Appetites of Virtual Strangers on November 27, 2012, the publication date currently listed is Nov. 2, 2013. I haven’t received anything from Amazon as I usually do saying this title is available for update, but something may have gotten lost in the cracks, I may be reviewing a totally different edition, and for all I know the newer release is the best thing since sliced bread. However, I’m not willing to drop even a penny finding out, because what I read was just ridiculous. I skimmed the reviews currently at Amazon, and I’m not going to argue with Miranda’s assertion that “Elaine Shuel has the courage to write what women fantasize about.” Perfectly valid assessment. However, she doesn’t write about it well. Much of the problem stems from the brevity here; this piece runs just eight pages, and with most of that being sex, there’s not a great deal of room for character development. (Rule of thumb, authors: reading about sex is better when you’ve constructed a character that the reader can really empathize with.) A number of authors these days have the courage to write what women fantasize about; a couple of alternatives who, in my estimation do it a great deal better are Megan Hart, Selena Kitt, and Jaid Black. Give them a shot instead. (zero)


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