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Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! (2009): Hibernation Accepted

Maureen Wright, Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! (Two Lions, 2009)


The titular bear taking a nap holding a broom decorates the ebook cover.

We will not rest until your floor is spotless!
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Cute little tale about a slightly-hard-of-hearing bear who keeps misinterpreting old man wind’s suggestion that he go hibernate for the winter, sending him off on all sorts of amusing, and occasionally odd, adventures. (No one thought it strange that a bear decided to show up and clean the house?) The illustrations are quite lovely (and, since I picked this one up in ebook form and we usually read it either on a 7” phone or 10” tablet screen, it’s relevant) well-suited to electronic delivery. I’m not sure whether that was a specific idea in the mind of illustrator Will Hillenbrand, but it’s certainly appreciated in this camp. My only real criticism is that the book takes its conceit maybe one step too far; the Bean (who’s two as I write this) loses steam about four pages before Big Bear finally lies down for a nap. But that is certainly not going to stop me recommending this lovely little tale. *** ½


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