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Over the Rainbow (2010): Celebrities Publish Books Over the Rainbow, Why Oh Why Can’t I?

Judy Collins, Over the Rainbow (Peter Yarrow, 2010)


The protagonist jumps over the moon, kind of like the cow in the nursery rhyme, on the book's cover.

The Moon Falls Down and Looks Up Your Dress (and Eric Smith is the only one who will get that reference).
photo credit: Imagine Books

Over the Rainbow, as the entire text of the book is the song lyrics, is not really an “author” book. As such, I am only listing it under Judy Collins’ name as a matter of review convention; any review of this book worth its salt is going to spend the bulk of its time focusing on Eric Puybaret’s illustrations. After all, you know if you like the words or not as long as you’ve seen The Wizard of Oz, though the book does contain a first verse that was cut from the film. (And I can see why.) The illustrations are of the fantastical variety, as befits the song, and I like them well enough. The Bean, my current reviewer of pre-lit, however, is not so sure; he usually loses patience about three-quarters of the way through for reasons I have not yet discovered. Thus, I’m giving it the gentleman’s C, at least until the two-year-old is articulate enough to tell me whether the problem is his attention span or whether there’s something about the pictures he just plain doesn’t like. ** ½


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