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Naughty Jannelle (2012): Rapornzel, Rapornzel, Let Down Your… Hair?

Manhattan Minx, Naughty Jannelle (No publisher listed, 2012)

Points off: the entity who listed the book at Amazon did not supply complete information.


An attractive female behind with only string underwear adorns the cover of the ebook.

She looks a bit slim to be a sumo wrestler.
photo credit: Smashwords

Kindle-porn quickie from the Daughter’s Roommate series, so you can pretty much guess every kink there is to be had in this one (not quite all of them, as the author tosses in a little DS for good measure in the final sequence). It’s not bad, but there’s nothing about it that really sends it flying above the pack, either; given its brevity (429 “locations”, I still haven’t quite worked out how many locations there are to a printed page in a normal file), if you can pick it up free and you’re interested in the subject matter, have at it, otherwise you’re not missing much. * ½


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