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Digger’s Bone (1999): Even a Stopped Clock…

 Anonymous, Digger’s Bone (Landoll, 1999)


Digger, happily reunited with his bone, decorates the book's cover.

“What, Digger? Timmy’s fallen down a well?”
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Here’s the thing where lift-the-flap books are concerned—it has always seemed to me that there’s a guessing-game aspect to them. You should be able to tell from the text and/or pictures on the page what you are getting behind the flap. Then, on a larger scale, there should be some sort of thematic unity to the pages so that you can also guess after seeing a few of them what the next page will be. With one exception (Heather Whited’s Santa’s Workshop), none of the Landoll lift-the-flap books I’ve encountered understands either of those things. Digger’s Bone has the same drawbacks as any of the other Landoll lift-the-flap books; while the first part is pretty much covered in the most basic way possible (Digger is looking for his bone, so under the flap is going to be “no” every time until the last page), the second part misses the mark pretty wide; Digger looks in a seemingly random collection of places. This seems even more odd when you’ve got a book that has a mystery element—shouldn’t there be simple clues that point Digger in the right direction instead of “hey, I haven’t checked here yet, it’s entirely on the other side of the house, so I should go there next!”? No such luck. The end result, as expected given almost every other Landoll book I’ve come in contact with, is a disappointment. * ½


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