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Tonka Big Book of Trucks (1996): The Key Word There Is “Big”

Patricia Relf, Tonka Big Book of Trucks (Cartwheel Books, 1996)

Points off: copyright information is not contained anywhere in the book; one must go to the Amazon page to get the book’s release date.


A large dump truck is front and center on the book's cover.

This thing is probably bigger than your laptop.
photo credit: Amazon

I thought this one, which is quite oversized and over thirty pages, was going to be too long to hold the Bean’s attention. But, at twenty-three months old, he remembered enough from night to night that we kept reading it, and it became the first multi-night book we read. Mostly because of the time investment involved—with his attention span, it usually takes us three or four nights to get through the entire book—it’s not one that comes out too often, but we do read it on a sporadic basis (in fact, we’re two nights into another reading of it as I write this, and he just passed twenty-five months). It’s too bad about the lack of thought put into constructing the title page. While I know that’s for parents and not for kids (not to mention for Cartwheel’s legal department), it’s still valuable information to have, and a lack of complete information there is something I do penalize books for. (I started this for quickie ebooks—I never thought I’d be doing it for “real” print releases, but it’s become a regular thing since I started getting back into pre-lit with the Bean, sadly.) ***

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