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Gun Shy (2000): A Little Quick on the Trigger, There

Gun Shy (Eric Blakeney, 2000)

[originally posted 22Nov2000]

Poster for the film featuring stars Neeson, Platt, and Bullock, in descending orderof picture size.

They would have called this Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but that was already a (much better) movie.
photo credit: IMDB

It’s utterly amazing to me, even after so many examples of it, that a film containing A-list, top-of-the-line B-list, and excellent underrated actors can still miss the mark so widely, but there it is.

Sandra Bullock pulling a silly face in a still form the film.

Sandra Bullock: perky even when pissed off.
photo credit:

Gun Shy is Eric Blakeney (Baywatch, Generation X)’s big-screen debut, and casting-wise, at least, he pulled out all the stops. Liam Neeson is a DEA agent who’s become disenchanted with his job, and it’s turned him into something of a neurotic. He’s assigned to go undercover to sting the mob, and he meets a similarly neurotic hit man, whom he befriends (Oliver Platt), while falling in love with, yes, his enema nurse (Sandra Bullock) and trying to achieve rapport with his support group.

Mary McCarthy and Oliver Platt in a still from the film.

Mary McCormack faces Oliver Platt down. Well, up.
photo credit:

Sound like a cute comedy? It could have been. Or a decent thriller, playing the mob-infiltration angle. Human drama? Well, maybe not, given the enema-nurse angle, but it might have managed a stab in the right direction. Romance? Maybe. Combine any two of those and you may manage a serviceable movie; comedy-action thrillers have been all the rage since Lethal Weapon. But even that vaunted team couldn’t add a third element and keep it working correctly (did anyone really like Lethal Weapon 3?). Not surprisingly, Blakeney comes up with a mess that looks like someone attempted to cook spaghetti, with sauce, in a pressure cooker that exploded. Pass on this one. Really. * ½


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