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Desert Island Disc Day 5B: Hangar 18, Round Two

Day 5B: Hangar 18, Round Two

Day 5B Start

With 167:50 left on the clock, it’s obvious we’re in for more paring down, and the four bouts on Day 5B that will enable us to get closer to our goal are…

#1 The Orphan, the Poet, “Black and White Photography” (3:46)
#8 Kitchen Cynics, “Me Forgetting You Forgetting Me” (3:22)

photo credit: youtube

The Orphan, the Poet live.

Like Saltfishforty on Day Four, the lovely Kitchen Cynics finally couldn’t beat the odds, and ran into something that was simply unbeatable in this competition. And thus, sadly, we say goodbye to one of our most constant companions these last few months, “Me Forgetting You Forgetting Me”, as The Orphan, the Poet bulldoze their way through another perfect round. Total running time: 164:28.

#5 Murderous Vision, “A Whisper Becomes a Shiver” (4:37)
#4 Satanic Threat, “Guilty of Hating Christ (0:51)

photo credit:

That looks like the performance room at the WCSB studio, but I can’t swear to it…

Two mainstays of the Cleveland scene go head to head here, two phenomenal, long-running (if you consider Satanic Threat as a side-project of Nunslaughter, who have been around for just as long as Murderous Vision) acts at the tops of their respective games. Both of these songs are just plain great, and I can’t find a single wedge to separate them other than time—keeping Satanic Threat gives us almost four minutes more, and we’re really feeling the squeeze. Every parting, at this stage in the game, is a heartbreaker, but this one aches a little more than most. Murderous Vision head for the bleachers. Total running time: 159:51.

#3 The Angels of Light, “Song for My Father” (3:41)
#6 Submachine, “Last Night” (1:48)

photo credit:

One does not find pictures of Angels of Light, because Angels of Light = Gira + an ever-shifting band. Thus, Gira.

Here’s another battle where you’ve got two brilliant pieces of music that have managed to find their places in the final forty-eight simply by being the best at what they do and overwhelming all the competition that came up against them. But aside from just the time factor, as we had above, there is also the fact that Greg Mairs still has a bunch of horses in this particular race, and “Song for My Father” is by far the most daunting competition Submachine has butted up against. I certainly can’t say “Last Night” is my least favorite of the three tracks Greg still has alive here (he’s also still in with Short Dark Strangers, who basically cemented their place in the final mix on Day 5A, and Caustic Christ, still to fight), but the running is so close that any of the three can conceivably stand in for the others; thus it is that we promote The Angels of Light, and Submachine heads for the sidelines. We lose only 1:48, but we are 1:48 closer to our goal. Total running time: 158:03.

#7 Inerds, “Shut It” (0:47)
#15 Cellar of Rats, “Where the Dead Might Lie” (4:23)

photo credit:

Twin vocal attack.

Of the forty-eight cuts that made it to Day Five, the only ones that might have conceivably been more of a surprise to me than Cellar of Rats were John Lee Hooker and Better than Ezra. “Where the Dead Might Lie” has gone from being just another piece of game soundtrack music to one of the titans of my music collection over the past few months. But it is up against the equally talented—and five times shorter—”Shut It”, a great, great song in itself, and when I was listening to it in the car on the way home from work yesterday, I knew the chances that it was going to be going out the door in this round were exactly zero. Inerds sail on through, and in the process pull off another almost four and a half minutes of music, leaving us at the end of Day 5B with a total running time of 153:40.

Hangar 18 leaves us with four more that are almost guaranteed…

The Angels of Light, “Song for My Father”
Inerds, “Shut It”
The Orphan, the Poet, “Black and White Photography”
Satanic Threat, “Guilty of Hating Christ”

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