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Polly’s Pet (1984): …is named Melody

Lucille Hammond, Polly’s Pet (Golden Press, 1984)


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That the book features a talking cat is never actually discussed.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Polly’s Pet creeped the hell out of me. It hasn’t really been long enough (a few days) to know whether the Bean is going to request it any time in the future, but I’m thinking it may just get lost in the shuffle at some point. The general gist is that a nameless cat (he only knows himself, and thus we only know him, as Polly’s Pet—the obnoxious little brat hasn’t even named the cat, as far as we can tell) who gets fed up with the abuse he takes at the hands of Polly and her sadistic little brother, and so he runs away—but then he ends up missing the abuse so he ends up going back home, taking it, and being happy about it because, hey, at least he’s not alone. And now that I’ve typed that summary out, man, I hate this book even more, because that’s pretty classic (and to tell you how awful this book is, I hate this word and would never use it voluntarily) codependency. Not sure you’d want to read this one to your kids unless you want them to grow up preconditioned to getting into abusive relationships. (zero)

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