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McDuff Moves In (1999): Adopt-a-Pet

Rosemary Wells, McDuff Moves In (Hyperion, 1999)


photo credit: goodreads

Even strays have jaunty bandanas.

I posted a ways back about two of the McDuff books and how I wasn’t too thrilled with them. Why, you will probably be asking, did I read more of them? Well, I review things out of order; all four of them showed up at Goat Central at the same time, and we read all four over the course of two nights, and the bean didn’t hate them, really, so I kept going. (Which also explains why I posted about books later in the series before this one; sorry for the confusion). This is the initial McDuff book, where the stray—as we open—McDuff finds is way into the household where the rest of the series’ hijinks occur. Of the four we’ve read (to the best of my knowledge, there are five books in the series; grandma hasn’t tracked down the fifth yet), this was my favorite; the anachronisms germane to the rest of the series hadn’t fully formed yet, and with the story focusing more on the dog than the people who come to adopt him, there’s more of a timeless feeling to it. I wouldn’t say it’s a simpler tale, really, but it feels that way. But I still haven’t tried the whole slicing sausages into my rice pudding thing. ***

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