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Hidden (2011): And Should Have Stayed That Way

Hidden (Antoine Thomas, 2011)

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Bonus points for the tagline revealing the movie’s biggest plot twist.

That Hidden (also released as Hidden 3D) is partly a Canadian production is no surprise at all, given that it is, thematically, a direct descendant of Cronenberg’s fantastic 1979 offering The Brood.

…no, okay, I’m not even going to try. Descendant? Rip-off. (And even telling you that is enough of a spoiler that if you’re reading this at var.ev. it would have had the big stop sign at the top had not the movie poster actually given it away.) You’ve seen the set-up dozens of times before, and usually better: bunch of young-and-beautifuls find their way into an abandoned building (in this case, Brian, played by The Getaway‘s Sean Clement, inherited his mother’s old treatment center), start exploring, and end up crossing paths with something vicious that needs either solving or dispatching so the survivors can get on with their lives. Nothing new here, and nothing new done with it—grafting on someone else’s big twist, no matter how good that big twist is, is going to make it seem even tireder than it already was. Give this one a miss. * ½


Long-form trailer.

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