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Copycat (1995): An Apt Title

Copycat (Jon Amiel, 1995)

[originally posted 22Oct2000]

photo credit: Wikipedia

Even the poster is straight out of a Dirty Harry picture.

Copycat is by far Jon Amiel’s finest moment as a director. That’s not saying much. Simple plot—police on the trail of a serial killer—with a few monkeywrenches in the works (the Brilliant Psychiatrist Who Helps The Cops<TM> is housebound, the Evil Serial Killer<TM> is smarter than the average bear). That’s not enough to turn this into another Silence of the Lambs, however. Had Amiel and scriptwriter Ann Biderman spent a bit more time developing their characters, this might have been a flawless film. Given that Biderman, a year later, was responsible for Primal Fear, she seems to have learned from her mistakes. **



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