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Bus Stop, Bus Go! (2001): Hail the Dog and Hamster Show

Daniel Kirk, Bus Stop, Bus Go! (Putnam, 2001)


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My buses were never this orderly when I was in school

I wasn’t so sure how this one was going to go over at Goat Central—the idea of a book told in so many voices with such chaos seems pretty advanced for the pre-lit crowd—but the Bean thinks it’s wonderful and it has rapidly become a must-have at story time. The main plot (yes, this is a thirty-two page illustrated pre-lit book with enough going on to have a main plot and subplots) concerns Tommy, who’s taking his mischievous hamster to show-and-tell. The hamster, of course, gets loose, and Tommy and his friend bounce around the bus trying to catch Hammy while a dozen other conversations about things ranging from a new videogame to hair braiding are going on around them (and Joe the bus driver interjects now and again to try and keep the kids in line). Spoiler alert: Hammy, of course, outsmarts the kids. It’s a lot of fun, and holds up to the repeated readings pretty well. Worth adding to the permanent collection. *** ½

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