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Bedtime for Kittens (1997): Bonzo Is Not Amused

Anonymous, Bedtime for Kittens (Landoll, 1997)


photo credit: Amazon

Would you trust those kittens?

I have seen a handful of pre-lit/first-reader books where excellent artists have done the illustrations in the style of young children. (On the YA front, the obvious example of this is Jeff Kinney’s books.) On the other hand, you have books that look as if they were actually illustrated by five-year-olds. I’ve spent my life on book and film criticism rather than art criticism (note to self: time to actually sit down and read John Ashbery’s Reported Sightings, which has been sitting on my shelf patiently waiting for me to do so for over two decades now), so I don’t have the language to explain the difference, and I have to fall back on Jesse Helms’ well-known stupidism about porn: I can’t tell you the difference, but I know it when I see it. All of which is leading up to me telling you that the illustrations in Bedtime for Kittens are certainly of the latter variety, and had they gotten a better illustrator to try and imitate a five-year-old, this might be a mediocre book instead of a godawful one. The text is nothing special, but on the other hand that means it’s not awful. Which is not something I can say about the illustrations. This is another of those late-nineties Landoll books that you can probably get for a quarter at a garage sale these days (at least if you live in northeast Ohio—Landoll is headquartered in Ashland, OH), and it’s another where if you do, you’re overpaying by twenty-four cents. *

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