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After the Storm (2001): The Shortest Review I Have Ever Written

After the Storm (Guy Ferland, 2001)

[originally posted 27Mar2001]

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Hemingway spun.

…a flood of deliquescence. (zero)



About Robert "Goat" Beveridge

Media critic (amateur, semi-pro, and for one brief shining moment in 2000 pro) since 1986. Guy behind noise/powerelectronics band XTerminal (after many small stints in jazz, rock, and metal bands). Known for being tactless but honest.

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  1. James! Did you ever have the misfortune of seeing this one? I had to LOL today when I was posting this to Rotten Tomatoes at one of the pro reviewers’ comment that “it’s as exciting as watching other people scuba dive”. Bloody horrific.


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