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666 Revealed (2006): Shocking Disocveries About…Nothing, Really

666 Revealed (Garry and Michael Gibson, 2006)

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It even has a vanity-press-style poster.

These days, getting a movie on Netflix Instant Streaming is a ridiculously easy process; you sign up with a distributor who has a contract with Netflix, and there are vanity distributors out there just like there are vanity presses for aspiring authors, you pay them some money (the amount seems to vary between a thousand and sixteen hundred bucks), and boom, there you are. (I have no idea how much the filmmaker gets back in royalties, so don’t go putting up a kickstarter just on my say-so.) The obvious huge upside to this is that it is easier to get your no-budget horror flick into the hands of as many fans of no-budget horror flicks as possible; a quick scroll through the “popular on Netflix” menu on any given day will show you that there one one helluva lot of no-budget horror flick fans on Netflix indeed. The downside, of course, is that anyone can do it. Lights Film School’s article on the subject makes the case for Netflix working only through distributors that it “helps ensure that places like iTunes and Netflix don’t become digital dumping grounds.” It’s a laughable statement at best. Case in point: 666 Revealed, the single lowest-rated movie on Netflix Instant as I write this, and a case-study in why you should not put the “documentary” you produced for your charismatic Christian church up on Netflix for a wider audience to see.

666 Revealed is not the Mike-Warnke-rock-and-roll-is-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil slagfest I was expecting to see (and enjoy mocking). Instead, it is a “documentary”, and one must use the term as loosely as possible, made by folks who have watched far too much of whatever monstrosity the former CourtTV has degenerated into, delving—or attempting to delve—into the link between Satanism and serial killers. Any sort of delving, however, fails; there’s nothing in here any casual reader of serial killer nonfiction isn’t already well aware of, making this at best another useless survey of the source material with a number of questionable conclusions drawn from it, and at worst a silly exploitation piece aimed at making money for whatever church backed its making. Either way, well, this is one of those flicks where I can truly say “I watch these things so you don’t have to.” Do whatever you can to ignore that this even exists. ½


The whole horrid thing, available on youtube.

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