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Desert Island Disc Day 4 Introduction: The Redraw

Day 4 Introduction: The Redraw

So…you’re headed for a desert island. The airline whose plane is about to crash has just informed you that you overpacked, and in fact you only have room in your bag for a Discman and a single 80-minute CD-R. (I discovered last week that 80-minute CD-Rs do not, in fact, hold 80 minutes of music, but this is fantasy, right?) There’s equipment over by the check-in gate that will allow you to rip tracks from all the CDs you brought so you can burn that one Desert Island Disc…what songs do you put on it? Since May (from your perspective) and sometime in March (from mine), I have been attempting to answer that question myself, and it turned out to be a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would; after making two passes through my music collection and, upon reflection, STILL leaving a startling amount of excellent stuff out, I started off with six hundred eighty-eight pieces of music, and I’ve been eliminating via head-to-head matchups ever since.

We are left with ninety-six songs with a running time of 358:16. That’s still over four times too long, so we fire up the Random Line Picker at again and knock out six more brackets of sixteen. Unlike last time, where I let the chips fall as the RNG picked, I’m hand-seeing these suckers. We will be seeing the following Day 4 matchups…

Bracket 1: Athens, but not Georgia

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Short Dark Strangers. Bobby Porter’s reboot of Thin White Line was one of the best bands to come out of Pittsburgh in the 2000s.

1. Leslie Keffer, “Taste Tongue to Warm Tummy”
2. The Judy’s, “Her Wave”
3. Charlotte Gainsbourg, “Greenwich Mean Time”
4. Death in June, “Come Before Christ and Murder Love”
5. PainKiller, “TrailMarker”
6. Short Dark Strangers, “Flowers of April”
7. Toad the Wet Sprocket, “Pale Blue”
8. Alcest, “Solar Song”
9. Doomwatch, “The Shirt, Happy Life Of…”
10. Megaptera, “Someone’s at the Door”
11. Axone, “Casus Belli”
12. Garmarna, “Den Bortsålda”
13. Better than Ezra, “A Lifetime”
14. Amaran, “As We Fly”
15. Russ Ballard, “Rene Didn’t Do It”
16. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, “Red Alert”

Bracket 2: Hangar 18

1. The Orphan, the Poet, “Black and White Photography”
2. Faith No More, “Kindergarten”
3. The Angels of Light, “Song for My Father”
4. Satanic Threat, “Guilty of Hating Christ”
5. Murderous Vision, “A Whisper Becomes a Shiver”
6. Submachine, “Last Night”
7. Inerds, “Shut It”
8. Kitchen Cynics, “Me Forgetting You Forgetting Me”
9. The Replacements, “Here Comes a Regular”
10. Oysterband, “Our Lady of the Bottles”
11. Radiosonde, “Pilot (Belly-Up Mix)”
12. Miwako Okuda, “Kanashimi ni Oborete”
13. Silly Wizard, “A. B. Corsie (The Lad from Orkney)”
14. The Dream Academy, “The Love Parade”
15. Cellar of Rats, “Where the Dead Might Lie”
16. Aube, “20001031”

Bracket 3: Detroit Metal City

1. Dog Lady, “Children of the Torn Snare”
2. Enter the Haggis, “One Last Drink”
3. Current93, “Hooves”
4. Skinny Puppy, “Killing Game”
5. Saltfishforty, “The Bride’s Lament”
6. Horse, “Red Haired Girl”
7. Elhaz, “Glory”
8. The Dresden Dolls, “Sing”
9. Edward Ka-Spel, “Tanith and the Lion Tree”
10. Nine Inch Nails, “Last”
11. Michelle Branch, “Washing Machine”
12. Black Flag, “Wasted”
13. John Lee Hooker, “Madman’s Blues”
14. Shora, “The Never-EndingExhale”
15. Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets, “Highschool of the Dead”
16. Jaded Era, “Invisible”

Bracket 4: 9th and Penn

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After the ridiculous, and totally unexpected, success of “A Blind Man’s Penis”, Trubee would go on the form the Ugly Janitors of America, who never achieved the same level of exposure.

1. Pray for Teeth, “Puritan Eyes”
2. Robert Turman, “’al-Qaida”
3. Natasha’s Ghost, “Falling Up”
4. Indian Jewelry, “Warm Boxcutter”
5. Paul Giovanni and Magnet, “Willow’s Song”
6. NON, “A World on Fire”
7. Retch, “B”
8. Jesus Lizard, “Boilermaker”
9. Pigface, “Tonight’s the Night”
10. Bruce Cockburn, “Sahara Gold”
11. Brian Straw, “Veins”
12. Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Cities in Dust”
13. John Trubee, “A Blind Man’s Penis”
14. Hedningarna, “Räven”
15. The Tear Garden, “Dèjá Vu”
16. Tex and the Horseheads, “Oh Mother”

Bracket 5: Asagaya in Rain

1. Merzbow, “Asagaya Field Recording”|
2. Caustic Christ, “Bloodsucking Fiends”
3. Dead World, “Kill”
4. Skin Graft, “Regret”
5. DNA, “Egomaniac’s Kiss”
6. Burning Star Core/Prurient, “Quiet at the Bottom”
7. Rapoon, “Breathing Gold”
8. Motörhead, “Killed by Death”
9. Insect Warfare, “Reanimated Horde”
10. Allerseelen, “Santa Sangre”
11. Black Bloc, “By Any Means”
12. S. J. Tucker, “The Pixie Can’t Sleep”
13. The Cure, “Wailing Wall”
14. Wolf Eyes, “Burn Your House Down”
15. Luna, “Tiger Lily”
16. The Evolution Control Committee, “Rocked by Rape”

Bracket 6: Rubber City Noise

1. Racermason, “Liar’s Life”
2. Plague Mother, “Obsessions Part 1”
3. Jack Smiley, “Arabesque”
4. Steel Hook Protheses, “Burning Out Their Eyes”
5. The Legendary Pink Dots, “Ghost”
6. Waterglass, “Sleep (Song of Oberon)”
7. Rie Fu, “Tsuki Akari”
8. Vanessa Paradis, “Tandem”
9. Tearoom Trade, “Bathhouse”
10. Jonathan Coulton, “Re: Your Brains”
11. Venom, “Possessed”
12. Fire * Ice, “Corpus Christi”
13. Sieben, “Factory Floor”
14. Shiro Sagisu, “On the Precipice of Defeat”
15. 8BallRack, “Charlie”
16. Machines of Loving Grace, “The Soft Collision”

And now, with the redraw completed, I’m going to throw up some new graphics, then let this project sit for a few weeks, listen to these ninety-six songs in the car a bunch more times, and try to completely forget about what’s matched up with what for a while, because that’s forty-eight heartbreakers. My initial thought was that I was going to start tracking time song by song here, but since we still have almost six hours of music left, I’m pretty sure I can get through one more round, possibly two, and still be over the eighty-minute target. So you’ll be seeing the paragraph after this one Monday, from your perspective. From mine… I’ll see you in two or three weeks.

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