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The Dawn of Desecration (2000): You Are Now Free to Move About the Cabin

Subklinik, The Dawn of Desecration (Live Bait Recording Foundation,

[originally posted 15Jun2000]

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The artwork on mine is B&W. Go figure.

After long years of sitting in limbo, this by-now-legendary 1997 album, slated for release on another label who shall remain nameless and yanked because of its creator’s philosophical stance (forget that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the music contained therein!), has finally seen the light of day on Cleveland’s Live Bait label. It’s all one long (69-minute-plus) track divided into six movements. Very very low-key stuff, almost subsonic in places (I had to REALLY crank up the volume to hear a few things), never gets overly loud and aggressive. Once again, just like with Chad’s contribution to The Abominari, I am not only surprised that this kind of controlled, low-key work can come from the same camp that gave us Arise, but I’m also surprised that something this minimal can be this good. I probably shouldn’t be, as I get familiar with the works of the Swedish minimalist movement, but for now, albums like this pretty much define exactly what works for me. **** ½


Subklinik live in 2010.

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