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So Big (1968): What Was the First Thing Eve Said to Adam?

Esther Wilkin, So Big (Golden Press, 1968)


photo credit: ebay

But is it bigger than a breadbox?

I always wondered where that “How big is baby?” “Sooooooooooo big!” thing my mother-in-law did with the Bean when he was still only a few months old came from. Now I know. To me as the person reading it, the biggest drawback of the book was the repetition. I am trying to take into account that it’s a pre-lit book and repetition is a big part both of what helps the kids to learn and what keeps their interest. Still, though, this one goes a bit overboard in that regard (“Is my baby bigger than [X]? My baby is bigger than [X]”, where [X] is not only a creature, but a creature doing something, which makes the whole parallelism thing a touch unwieldy, especially when one is holding a baby in the other hand who squirms when impatient. We’ll give him a few more tries round it before packing it away—it does seem like the kind of thing that will work better when he gets a bit older—but certainly not my favorite of the ones we got to for the first time this weekend. **

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