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Mother Goose Rhymes (1997): Mother Goose Will Get You For This

 Anonymous, Mother Goose Rhymes (Landoll, 1997)


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You would do very well to avoid this.

I will try and put this as tactfully as I can… okay, no I won’t. This is crap. But here’s the kicker—I’m not sure I would have even noticed that fact that some of the rhymes presented here (Twinkle Twinkle, Pat-a-Cake) are incomplete, much less had it register in my head as such a huge bone of contention, had the book not switched gears halfway through and presented “This Little Piggy” (with a modified third line…maybe to not offend vegetarians? I dunno) over the course of ten pages rather than attempting the sort of clumsy surgery they had on the earlier pieces. Like many of the Landoll books—there were 15 in the bulk haul, three of which have author attribution—this is presented anonymously. After reading this one, my guess is that the ones with no author attribution were, as the saying goes, written by committee. Problem is, the committee never came to a consensus on this one, so not only is it bad, it’s also inconsistent. I’ve seen a lot of very low-quality pre-lit since the Bean was born, but this ranks among the worst. (zero)

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