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I Can Fly (1951): Life Was Nothing but an Awful Song

Ruth Krauss, I Can Fly (Golden Press, 1951)


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I believe I can touch the sky. (I have no idea why I keep quoting that song, I despise it.)

The printing of this we have is from 1992, from a series of re-releases commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Golden Books. They chose a bunch of the ones they consider classics to bring back out. What parameters they used other than age, I do not know. One of the things about the older Golden Books that attracts me these days is that, in general, the language in them would today be aimed at first readers rather than the pre-lit crowd; it’s not as aggressively simplistic. Here’s the exception to the rule; this could just as easily have been written in 2011 as 1951, for all the linguistic reaching it’s asking your kid to do. I wasn’t all that fond of it, though as usual with Golden the illustrations are homey and comforting. More importantly, though, Davey didn’t want much to do with it after the first few pages and, as I have often said, these days he is the final arbiter where pre-lit is concerned at Goat Central; not sure how much play this one’s going to get at book tome from here on out. **

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