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Cows Can’t Fly (2000): Cows Fly When You’re Having Fun

 David Milgrim, Cows Can’t Fly (Houghton Mifflin, 2000)


photo credit: Pinterest

Believe your eyes!

I have been a fan of David Milgrim’s books for some time now—since years before my youngest was born, much less old enough for me to read him Milgrim’s books—so picking up a copy of Cows Can’t Fly was pretty much predestined. (At this point, the only Milgrim not in my permanent collection is, ironically, the first book of his I read, Amelia Makes a Movie; I figure that one is for when the bean gets to be five or six years old, and he’s only two now.) I have to say that he doesn’t seem quite as fond of this one as he is of Time to Get Up, Time to Go, but Milgrim’s books have always taken a while to grow on him, so we read Cows Can’t Fly maybe once a week at this point; I expect that to increase. This one is charmingly silly; the narrator draws a picture of flying cows that the adults around him think is silly, but when the wind blows it into a pasture, the cows there, not realizing they are not aerodynamic, use it as a blueprint—and none of the adults in town look up long enough to take notice of the flock of (obviously constipated, since that would certainly get people to take notice!) cows flying over them. There’s a fine lesson couched in this one as well as it being the usual affable Milgrim text and fun drawings. Another winner from David Milgrim; I’m starting to wonder if the guy can do anything wrong. He’s becoming one of our favorite purveyors of pre-/kidlit at Goat Central. *** ½

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