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Buck (1998): Buck the World

Buck, Buck (Sympathy for the Record Industry CD, 1998)

[originally posted 13Jul2000]

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Buck the system!

Female-oriented music in Western culture as of the year 2000 seems to have gone off in two directions—a kind of angry folk (Ani DiFranco, Sarah McLachlan, et al.) and a dark heavy-metal turn (Kittie, L7, etc.). In the eighties, female pop took on a new face, with a kind of happy-go-lucky punk typified by The Screamin’ Sirens and The Pandoras; given their obscurity, it’s not surprising that few bands have attempted to carry on the tradition. In fact, I’ve only found one, and that is Buck. Buck, like those bands that came before them, play a kind of grass-roots punk-infected rockabilly, the female version of Social Distortion without the doom-and-gloom self-help-isms of Mike Ness. Whereas many punks are today willing to wear their Johnny Cash-loving hearts on their sleeves (thanks in no small part to Ness himself), Buck have adopted the look-and-feel of the no-depression rockabilly roots types, preferring to keep the music fast-n-twangy and the vocals delivered in a major key, thankyouverymuch.

All in all a pretty good album if you like the punk-country hybrid; certainly above average for the genre, and at times achieves the same lyrical brilliance that Social D did before the crash-and-burn. A barrel of fun, and great driving music to boot. *** ½

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