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Bow Wow! Meow!: A First Book of Sounds (1963): Three Singing Pigs Say, “La La La!”

 Melanie Bellah, Bow Wow! Meow!: A First Book of Sounds (Golden Press, 1963)


photo credit: Open Library

It’s quiet now–what do YOU say?

This one is a bean-bean favorite at storytime. Very simple: “How does the ______ go? [sound]”. The blank is usually an animal, but not always (fire engines, wind, and laughing children, among other non-animals, are represented). Daddy isn’t quite so thrilled with using “go” as the verb there, though I guess it’s the most generic thing the author could have come up with; after all, a fire engine doesn’t say its siren, and technically a dog doesn’t saw “bow wow” either, though that would have been in line with late-fifties/early-sixties Golden Book convention. That’s a minor thing, though, and the book holds up to repeated reading otherwise; the kid loves it, and that’s what’s important, no? *** ½

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