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A Duckling (1995): …could have probably written a better book

Lorella Rizzatti, A Duckling (Random House, 1995)

photo credit: me

Well, truth in advertising, anyway.

[points off–the author’s name is listed nowhere on the book; I got that information from Amazon]

Simplistic (VERY simplistic) oversized board book that I can’t quite remember where we picked up. Some very odd phrasing; it’s a toss-up (and since the book isn’t bilingual, I can’t tell you for certain) whether the oddness comes from the original or from the English translation, but just because I am used to reading bilingual stuff, my money is on the latter (from some of the sentence construction, I’m guessing the translator was trying to be as literal as possible rather than reworking the prose into something that flows more naturally in English). Cute illustrations, but the awkwardness of the prose means this one probably won’t stick around too long in your storytime rotation. * 1/2

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