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The School (1988): Remedial Reading

Ed Kelleher and Hariette Vidal, The School (BMI, 1988)

[originally posted 10Apr2000]

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Teacher says she’ll see me after school…

Hoo! Bad. I mean, real bad. But bad in a funny way. BMI specializes in horror novels that are bad in a funny way, I think. And they’ve published some real wangers, but this one may take the cake.

In 1931, a student at a new and exclusive Massachusetts girls’ school is possessed by some kind of demonic entity (what, exactly, is never specified) and murders the headmaster, whom she has a crush on, and the two students she discovers him with. Fifty years later, the school (which IS the demonic entity… but we’re still not sure what, why, or how) sets up the same scenario with a new cast.

Yup. Bad, I mean, bad. Predictable, silly, gratuitous. Four hundred pages of utter tripe. I laughed in every place I wasn’t supposed to. *

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