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McDuff and the Baby (1997): Turkey Tidbits

Rosemary Wells, McDuff and the Baby (Hyperion, 1997)


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Which one do you get bronzed?

McDuff and the Baby is (as far as I can tell) the third of the McDuff stories, and it’s the bean’s favorite of the bunch—I assume because of the last page. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the weakest of them. The language is at its most awkward here, and the illustrations seem almost as if they were stock pieces that have no relation to the story at all (in none of the pictures before the baby arrives does Lucy look pregnant, for example). But, as always, Dave’s reaction to the book is the final arbiter when it comes to pre-lit these days, so this one gets a higher rating than McDuff Comes Home; I can’t tell you why, but this one is a hit with at least my part of the pre-lit set. Parents, on the other hand, may lose patience with it rather quickly. ** ½

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