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Taint/Goat Live at the Peanut Gallery 2000: Balls to the Wall

Taint/Goat/Lockweld/Noumena&Sodium/XTerminal/Contamination Diet/Mike Duncan
The Peanut Gallery, Akron OH, 10 July 2000
[originally posted 13Jul2000]

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I have no idea why this picture comes up when one googles taint goat peanut gallery akron. But I cannot find a poster and I like this better anyway.

When Texas’ finest native musician and Texas’ finest transplanted musician decide to hit the road, you can pretty much be guaranteed that something awful is going to happen. And you’re probably going to love every minute of it.

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Taint’s Keith Brewer gettin’ jiggy wit’ it.

Duncan opened the set with a few minutes of his new, kinder, gentler side. Dark ambient washes, subdued vocals, nothing that will cause you to want to gouge your eyes out. Almost as proper as Graeme Revell, but more interesting, for the most part. His partner in crime, Brian Neaville, took the stage next and disabused what little audience there was of any hope that the evening would stay calm. The walls were shaking, the door was shaking, even the bathroom fixtures were shaking. The sounds emanating from the stage sounded rather like what would happen if you replaced the back wheel of a motorcycle with a circular saw blade and installed the whole mess in a big all-metal wind tunnel in order to cut PVC pipe. Delicious. XTerminal threw the first decent set in three shows with a new track called (in honor of the charitable nature of the owners of TPG, who donate proceeds to a similarly-named peacenik activist group) “Bombs Not Food.” And that was the end of the local bands. Everyone else was part of the tour that is currently running from Chicago to, um, well, somewhere (I vaguely recall after-Pittsburgh dates, but where they are I dunno…).

Noumena and Sodium played a collaborative set, becoming a nameless four-piece monstrosity straight out of Lovecraft. Jakob smashed amps into oblivion, Aaron screamed through a wrong-way-round trumpet, everyone else made mad chaotic noise. The audience, collectively, was greatly pleased. Lockweld continued the mayhem, actually managing to pull off more than two and a half seconds without blowing the PA at The Peanut Gallery for the first time. Microphones lost their lives, sparks showered over the crowd, noise was made, and life was good.

photo credit: discogs

I really, really wish I had ever thought to take an “after” picture of a Goat set…

Andy O’Sullivan, better known to the adoring masses as Goat, came next. It was a perfect Goat set—about ninety seconds long, violent, as close to pure chaos as one man, a piggybank, and a table full of electronics can get. I realized (actually, I knew this long ago, but it was brought into focus that night) that we got spoiled in Cleveland last year, having Andy around. When you get to see a band on an almost monthly basis, ninety seconds is enough. Nowadays, it leaves me wanting much more, even though I know that would probably end with Andy’s onstage death through some electrical misadventure. Still one of the finest live acts ever. Don’t miss a chance to see Goat if you find yourself with one.

Taint ended the night on a perfect note. The harsh electronics were in fine earsplitting form. The vocals were unintelligible (and that, no doubt, is for the best). The cops were scared, but they still shut the show down a few minutes after midnight for a noise violation. (and, truly, “noise violation” is probably a good way to describe Taint.)

All in all one of the finer shows we’ve seen in the greater Cleveland area recently, and a good teaser for the antics to be seen a couple of weekends from now in Cleveland and Akron.

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Media critic (amateur, semi-pro, and for one brief shining moment in 2000 pro) since 1986. Guy behind noise/powerelectronics band XTerminal (after many small stints in jazz, rock, and metal bands). Known for being tactless but honest.

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