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Hidden Miracles: Vegetarianism and Alternative Medicine (????): Nothing You Can’t Find Free on the Internet

Jamie Wilkinson, Hidden Miracles: Vegetarianism and Alternative Medicine (No publisher listed, no date listed)

had I planned on giving this book any stars, it would have lost them for incomplete information.


photo credit: lulu

The cover is so inspired I almost feel bad giving points off!

So let me get this straight, even though I know it happens all the time I still can’t believe people try to pull this ridiculousness: you did five minutes of “research” on the Internet, copied and pasted some descriptions, added a little of your own writing (just enough for us to tell what’s copied and what you modified a touch), and then slapped a three-dollar price tag on a thirty-six-page “booklet” and put it up for sale at Amazon? Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it myself. Trust me, though, dear reader: stay far, far away form this. You can do a google search on the title and have more complete information in five seconds. (I know, I just did while writing this paragraph). (zero)

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