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Possible delays for the next couple of days

If you know me via Facebook, you know I’m a corporate wage slave for a company I not so fondly refer to as I’m stuck in a series of all-day meetings this week with the consultants from Arizona who are supposed to make sure our main software package runs smoothly. They fail miserably much of the time, thus these meetings. So I may not get a chance to post stuff for a bit (especially today’s DID post, which requires more time and materials than normal review posts). Don’t worry, lovies, I am thinking of you every day.

About Robert "Goat" Beveridge

Media critic (amateur, semi-pro, and for one brief shining moment in 2000 pro) since 1986. Guy behind noise/powerelectronics band XTerminal (after many small stints in jazz, rock, and metal bands). Known for being tactless but honest.

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